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Retirees are Hitting the Gym and Loving it!

Retirees are more likely to be seen at the gym these days, getting fit and being social
Retirees are more likely to be seen at the gym these days, getting fit and being social

Where once retirees were spending the time playing lawn bowls and gardening, research released today shows they are now hitting the gym and loving it!

According to Apia’s research older Australians are almost five times more likely to regularly attend a gym or fitness group than they are to play bowls.

“People tend to think that the lifestyles of older Australians have not changed much since our grandparent’s generation, when tending the garden and heading down to the local lawn bowls were the main recreational past times, however this is simply not the case any more,” says David Skapinker, Apia spokesperson.

“Three quarters of our Over 50s say they regularly walk to keep physically active and 14% attend a gym or fitness group once a week or more, while just 3% play bowls.”

The research reveals that the top physical activities that Australians aged over 50 regularly undertake are:

Physical activities Aussies aged 50+ regularly undertake, once a week or more often


  1. 1.       Walking


  1. 2.       Swimming


  1. 3.       Attending a gym or fitness group


  1. 4.       Cycling


  1. 5.       Running or jogging


  1. 6.       Yoga or Pilates


  1. 7.       Playing golf


  1. 8.       Playing bowls


  1. 9.       Tennis or squash


Mr Skapinker said: “It’s not surprising that walking is so popular with older Aussies, given it is low impact, easy on the body, requires minimal equipment and can be done on your own or with friends at anytime of the day and at your own pace.”

Interestingly, those between 65 and 69 are the most likely to attend a gym or fitness group (18%), perhaps indicating more free time.

“As we get older it’s important to keep connected with people around you and fitness groups, cycling and walking meet-ups are a great way for people to stay active and socialise at the same time”, explained Mr Skapinker.

“We should remember that our idea of retirement comes from observing our parents or grandparents, and we are not them. It is a new generation, the Boomers, approaching retirement and what our research is showing is a shift in preferred activities that they relate to – swimming, surfing, yoga, pilates,” he concluded.

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