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5 great gadgets for women

The holiday season is upon us, which means it’s time to start planning and shopping. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for presents for others or maybe a little treat for yourself, we’re breaking down five of the best gadgets for the women in your life.

The Echo Dot

It’s something that should be in every home. It can play your favourite playlist, the radio, call you an Uber, read you the day’s news, create a shopping list, and answer pretty much any question you might ask. They’re attractive, efficient, and so handy. It’s also possible to use it with an external speaker if you want to boost your audio experience.

Tile Trackers

If you know a forgetful lady who is always misplacing keys, phones or other important possessions, then tile trackers are the answer. They’re simply GPS trackers. You can add a tile to your key ring or keep it in your wallet. All you need to do is use the app to figure out where you left them.

Smart Pillow

A smart pillow can read you an audiobook, play you relaxing music, and even track your sleep patterns. It also just happens to be comfortable. The apps that come with these pillows ask you about your activity levels, stress, alcohol intake, as well as your caffeine habit. Really, that’s secondary to the music, book, and podcast action that means you don’t bother everyone else with your late-night habits.

Smart Coffee

Does the lady in your life love coffee? Then a smart coffee maker might be exactly what you need. It’s just another step in automating your home. You can choose what triggers it – whether it’s your lights, morning alarm or your arrival home. Of course, you can just use the app to control it from bed. Don’t worry, it’s also possible to use it manually as well. Why, though?

Fitness Tracker

There are plenty of fitness trackers on the market, but now there are attractive options. So, look for the decorative options that someone will really want to wear. They come in bracelet and necklace form.

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