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Fun things you didn’t know your smartphone could do

Smartphones are an amazing thing, but there’s probably a lot more that you can do with it than you realise. Like, did you know that the space bar on your iPhone can serve as a mouse? Well, kind of. Hold it, drag it up or to the sizes and you can correct any typing errors you’ve made. That’s a fair bit easier than trying to get your thumb to point it to the right spot.


QR Codes. You don’t need an app to scan QR codes. Just point your camera at the code and it will scan automatically. Of course, you’ll need to launch your camera first. Once your camera focuses on the code a notification will pop up to take you to the desired website.


Good Vibrations. Some people just can’t ignore a notification. If you’re one of those people you can create your own vibrations so you know whether the message is an important one. Say you are waiting for a text or a call from someone – create a specific vibration for them. That way, if it comes through you’ll know to respond. Any other vibrations can be ignored. Of course, you can simply create custom vibrations for all of the important people in your life.


Photographs.If you are trying to take photos of a moving target, such as pets or children, then you can take continuous photos. For an iPhone, you can use the volume button. Just hold the up button and your phone can capture up to ten photos per second. For Android users, the volume buttons will zoom – you can use an app to capture multiple photos at ones.


Screenshot. Sometimes you want to capture your screen to send to someone, whether it’s to share your message or a photo. Every phone is different. For iPhones, it’s the power button and the home button. For, Android phones it’s the volume down button and the power button. Just be sure to hold them at the same time.

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