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Why Woodford Folk Festival Is Extra Special This Year

It’s the annual festival that offers something for every age group. It’s the Woodford Folk Festival, and this year, for it’s 30th anniversary, it’s going the distance to make the experience extra special.

Over the last few years, festival organisers have managed to keep a lid on the secret celebrations that will mark the entry into the festival’s fourth decade. That is, until now.

While the special 30th Anniversary Festival poster has been revealed as the third and final instalment of artist-in-residence Gavin Ryan’s single panoramic artwork – known as a triptych – the creative work will go well and truly beyond the poster to affect the festival.

Festival direct Bill Hauritz said, “Patrons this year will really notice the huge lift in the visual impact  and atmospherics at the festival. It’s the culmination of three year’s work and people will be moved – this is the year”.

“Our last three festivals have held common threads within the festival themes- an exploration of our identity as individuals and then relating this to a broader community context,” Mr Hauritz said.


Reggae musician and festival artist Nattali Rize, who has performed at Woodford many times during her now international career, came to check out the artwork in Melbourne.

“I have more fond memories of Woodford Folk Festival than I could possibly count.  It is one of the greatest festivals in the world and such a great example of what like should be like; a vibrant, diverse, colorful celebration of all forms of artistic expression.  It’s a world within a world where conscious culture, commUnity and Creativity rules,”  said Rize.

If you’re thinking of doing something colourful and different over the Christmas-New Year period, whether it’s just for the day or to camp, why not think about the festival? It’s great event you can enjoy with your partner, your family or your grandchildren.

Find out more at the Woodford Folk Festival website.

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