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Social Networking – It’s time to explore

Do you get a little confused when someone suggests to you that you should try using Social Networking? Just what are they talking about? Social Networking is about people interacting to create, exchange and share information and ideas in virtual communities and networks. It can take many forms including Internet forums, travel blogs, podcasts and so on. Nan Bosler of the Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association tells us about two social networking opportunities created with retirees in mind.


FinerDay is a free, secure social network for all ages. Safety online is increasingly important. Finerday is a UK-founded social networking site similar to Facebook, specifically catering to older Australians who like to keep in touch with family and ‘genuine’ friends. It’s unpretentious, secure and simple to use and has really taken off in Australia since its launch a couple of years ago. Howard Bashford is Co-founder of FinerDay and a frequent visitor to Australia.

Benetas Colton Close in Victoria was the first aged-care facility in Australia to introduce the social media platform for its residents in 2011. Staff reported that it’s been a great way for their residents to stay in touch with friends and family and since the introduction of Finerday a number of residents now regularly go online.


Connecting with family and our community is so important for us as we age. It certainly reduces social isolation. In November 2012, Finerday launched its free, secure video messaging service at the Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association Conference in Sydney. Currently usable on all major browsers and devices this function allows Finerday users to record video messages and send them to a recipient’s secure inbox. I use Finerday to send and receive emails when I am travelling. has released a new free site providing interesting and stimulating content for reminiscence, nostalgia and memories –

Howard Bashford emailed me last month telling me that this site has been designed from research, experience and trials around engagement and reminiscence. It is free and can be used in personal and group sessions both at home and in aged-care facilities – supporting the older person and their formal and informal carers. Our Yesterday provides a bi-weekly printable newsletter, a weekly quiz and much needed content and ideas for diversional therapists. Additional Australian content is being added to the site.

To access Finerday go to The opening screen asks you to log in but first you want to find out more about this site so scroll right down until you come to Further Information, then click on Helpful Videos. You can now explore the benefits of Finerday by viewing these videos.

This is probably a perfect place to remind you that Windows XP security support ended on 8 April 2014. You will still be able to use this old favourite but without support it will no longer be a safe option.

The older version of Internet Explorer that you had been using unfortunately does not support the modern web technologies that we have begun to use.

It’s time to update.


Tapestry is an innovative platform enabling seniors to connect online with friends and family. It is designed to be easy to use by anyone, no matter how familiar they are with technology. The simple home screen gives you everything you need. It is now available for the web, iPad, iPhone and Android devices. Previously it was available on Android phones and tablets only but now it is even more accessible with the release of the new iPhone/iPad app. It is available to download from the App Store, free of charge. The release of the app is part of Tapestry’s wider expansion.

“While the internet and social media sites such as Facebook help most of us to connect with people around us many seniors actually feel isolated and left behind by complicated and confusing technology,” Tapestry founder and CEO Andrew Dowling said.

“Tapestry’s goal is to provide seniors with all of the benefits of email and photo sharing with none of the hassle. The iPad and iPhone are ideal for our users because they are light, easy to read and simple to navigate.”



Some people share their private information on the Internet but that doesn’t mean that you have to. With Tapestry you can see what your family shares without exposing your personal information to anyone. If you are concerned about data security be reassured that Tapestry has been built from the ground up with privacy in mind. There is an official Tapestry company blog, that goes out to all subscribers and I enjoyed the recent article on 7 ways to connect with your grandkids. It had lots of good suggestions but the one that appealed to me most was the one called Make Them Laugh. Don’t let technology create a gap between you and your grandchildren, embrace it and use technology to bridge that gap. It has recently been announced that Tapestry has been selected as the only international company out of 1000 startups to join the Aging2.0 GENerator founders program in San Francisco. The project is the first of its kind and aims to help technology founders focussed on the 50+ demographic to accelerate innovation in  ageing. Quite an achievement!
We have talked about just two social networking opportunities and I hope that you have begun to see just how useful the Internet is to help us remain an active part of both our family and our community. Nan Bosler

“Connecting with family and our community is so important for us as we age. It certainly reduces social isolation.”

Nan Bosler, OAM

Nan feels strongly that learning is a lifelong experience. She was over 50 before going to University, has five tertiary qualifications, is a published author and international speaker. She is the foundation president of the Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association and seeks to empower people to use modern technology. She has been involved with community organisations for more than 60 years and is a great grandmother.
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