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Grey Nomads Take Heed – You're Not Immune

Are you a grey nomad? You could be putting your health at risk.

Or you may be perfectly fine – it all depends on how well you plan, prepare and educate yourself on your health and the medications you need while travelling around the country.

With summer just about to start, October is the time that many nomads select to head southward.


In a statement from the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, Mackay pharmacist Karalyn Huxhagen said, “Some [grey nomads] have very advanced end-of-life conditions, such as prostate cancer, leukaemia or Alzheimer’s disease.”

“Their partner is still well enough to do the driving and they stay on the road enjoying their life together as long as possible,” she said.

Grey nomads, as a group, generally encompass older people who hire or purchase caravans or motor homes to iconic locales around Australia.

The problems for the nomads arise when first-timers, with a lack of understanding or precaution, become caught out in dangerous or less-than-desirable situations.

In Australia the peak migration season for grey nomads begins in autumn. Nomads head north in April, arriving in the far north in late May. They head back south at the end of September before heat of summer sets in.

A more in-depth article on health issues faced by grey nomads on the road is explored in the October issue of Australian Pharmacist.

If you are a grey nomad or you’re thinking of becoming one, healthinfonet recommends that before you take off you should:

  • see your general practitioner for a review before travel
  • always pack sufficient medication for the trip
  • review your vaccination requirements
  • carry a health summary for if/when you need to see a different doctor.


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