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Spending time with grandchildren is good for your health

Studies have suggested that spending time with your grandchildren is good for your health and your lifespan. It also means that you get to spend more time with your children as the adults they have become. For parents, dealing with their children can increase stress. Yet, for grandparents, spending time with their grandchildren relieves stress. So, hanging out with your grandchildren provides you with a unique opportunity to spend time with the next generation, while making life a bit easier for your children.


The benefits don’t stop there, though. That’s just a nice side effect. The benefits to your health are even greater. Spending time with your grandchildren also boosts your cognitive function. That means improved memory so, you’ll remember exactly where that safe place is you keep putting things. It’s also an excellent way to stay active. Whether it’s walking them in the park or taking them to the playground, your brain and body will appreciate the additional physical activity.


Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of spending time with your grandchildren, though, is what it does for your mental health. One of the biggest risks to us as we age is loneliness. Once we retire we immediately lose the daily social connections that we have forged. It’s common to lose touch with friends over the years, with work and family keeping us busy. So, loneliness is a serious risk to health. Loneliness can result in depression, which comes with a wide range of additional health risks. Spending time with your grandchildren will provide you with a much-need boost in your mental health.


Now that you know all of that, maybe you should volunteer to babysit your grandchildren more often. They can provide you with healing and you can offer them love, wisdom, and maybe a bit of spoiling.