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Eye exercises that could improve your vision

Muscles can be exercised and your eyes have muscles, so… it stands to reason that you can exercise them to improve their health. It also means they need a bit of a break. So, here are some exercises that could improve your vision and help you beat headaches and glaucoma.


Get yourself comfortable, this is an exercise that is best done while sitting down. Now, blink your eyes quickly 10-15 times. Then, close your eyes and allow them 20 seconds to rest. Repeat this exercise 5 times.


Rub your palms together, and do it vigorously. The purpose of this is to warm them up. Now, you place them over your eyelids. Gently. Allow the warmth of your palms to relax the muscles of your eyes. There is relief in darkness. Keep your palms in place until your eyes have absorbed all of the heat. You can repeat this process three times.


This exercise is all about moving your eyes in different directions, from one to the other. So, first move your eye to the very corner of your eye, looking right. Then allow your eyeballs to move in the other direction to look left. This provides your eyes with a healthy boost.


Objects may appear closer… yes, take an object and make it zoom toward your face to cause your vision to shift in focus. So, sit comfortably. You can simply use a finger to do this. Stretch your arm out and hold a finger up. You will want to gradually bend your arm and move your finger closer to your face, allowing your eyes to zoom in to focus on the finger.

The Figure 8

You may need to sit on the floor to do this. Stretch your legs out in front of you. Place your hands on your knees. Keep your elbow straight with your thumb pointing upward. Focus on the thumb. Maintain a straight elbow as you use the thumb to draw a figure eight. Do this on both sides in turn, five times each.

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