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5 moves you can do at home while watching the Australian Open tennis

Australian Open

If the energy and agility of your favourite tennis players has inspired you while watching the Australian Open, put your time to good use and try some strength based exercises while you watch. Danielle Steedman, Naturopath and Blackmores Wellbeing Coach has 5 moves to do while you are at home watching the Australian Open. 


5 ways to trick your body into losing weight and keep healthy over the festive season

interval weight loss

With the festive season well and truly in full swing, Dr Nick Fuller, author of “Interval Weight Loss” gives us 5 savvy tricks to help our body into losing weight and to keep healthy over the silly season.


It’s a fact – women get better with age

women get better with age

New research finds that post-menopausal women become happier as they get older, writes Cheryl Critchley.


Video: 10 Best physio exercises to ease knee pain

knee pain

As our joints begin to increase in age, so to does our pain. Most significantly is knee pain. They are holding all our body weight and are constantly on the go, twisting and turning and keeping us stable.


How to boost your energy levels naturally this winter

boost your energy

Energy levels can fluctuate at the best of times, even before considering the colder months and the toll they take on us. As we age it becomes increasingly important to make smart health and lifestyle choices to maintain both our wellbeing and energy levels, particularly when the winter months come around. Life Begins At sat down


Brisk walking each day ‘may cut risk of dying from cancer’

brisk walking

Brisk walking may cut the risk of dying from cancer, even in more advanced stages of the disease, research suggests.


Aerobic exercise and tai chi keeps mind sharp for over 50s


Taking up exercise at any age is worthwhile for the brain, Australian research shows.


Melburnians Victoria University needs your dodgy knees

knee pain

In a world-first study, Victoria University researchers are investigating what happens to the body when an older person with osteoarthritis of the knees stumbles or falls.


Top 3 tips for staying positive and productive in the darker months


As the end of daylight savings can leave Aussies feeling pretty blue with the lack of sunlight leaving many feeling tired, unproductive and lacking in energy. Highlighting the impact of lighting on people’s lives, recent research conducted by Philips Lighting shows that 80% of the nation feel more positive if they live in a light


Older Australians urged to count steps and stay out of hospital

older australians

Older Australians can reduce their time spent in hospital by walking an extra 4300 steps, or 3 kilometres per day, according to research published in the Medical Journal of Australia.