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2019 travel bucket list

Travelling is one of Australia’s ultimate past time goals, so what should you be adding to your list next year?

Travel With Jane have put together their top 5 picks for 2019 that YOU should be adding to your travel bucket list.


The Bahamas

Forget lying with tiger in Thailand the new destination is the Bahamas.

The Bahamas have been popular for years and in recent times the craze for this beautiful place is expanding. What’s not to love fancy water, beautiful food, and better yet its biggest attraction, Exuma PIGS. The Bahamas offer tours for tourists to feed swim an play in crystal clear waters with these magnificent animals. Swimming with pigs in the Bahamas has become one of the most sough after holiday destinations that is becoming so popular, you basically have no lived until you have experienced this. If swimming with pigs isn’t your cup of tea the Bahamas have one of the coolest plane wreckages to be seen. While most wreckages usually will need trained professionals to embark on this wreckage is in just 6 feet deep of water. Located under 1 km away from the Staniel Cay Yacht Club the wreckage lays in some of the most breath taking waters which also is
home to many fish and nurse sharks.



in 2019 we will be seeing more and more tourists travelling to Africa. This is one destination you must visit in your life time and lets face it who wouldn’t enjoy being up and personal with natures wildlife. Africa is a great for not only adults but children too, there are a wide array of tours that range from a couple of days to a couple of weeks and you can get as up an personal as you please or keep it more glamping style. Believe it or not Africa not only is home to the most endangered wild life this life has to offer but some of the most extraordinary white and blue beaches, forget the Whitsundays these beaches are so dreamy you have to actually see it to believe it. If sight seeing animals isn’t your thing, ever considered taking a bath on a cliff? Situated in a hostel on a cliff in Hogsback, this bath has breathing taking views of the Amathole Mountains, what’s even better is its one of the cheapest breath takingly beautiful views and one of the most unique experiences Africa has to offer. 


Grand Canyon, Nevada

The Grand Canyon has been a known destination for years and the talk about it just doesn’t do it justice. This beautiful national park runs 446km long, up to 29km wide, and 1.6km deep, this location is so breath taking photos will never really do it justice. You cannot go past the observation deck when making your trip to the canyon, its horse shoes like sky walk will exhibit the best of the canyon with its breath taking views 1,450m above ground. You must also see the canyon through the eyes of a helicopter, this extraordinary experience will help you see just how large the canyon in and of course how hot the location is too. While many people visit the canyon if you want to view one of the most beautiful sights it has to offer you cannot visit without heading out to the Havasu Falls. The falls do not come without a long hike, around 16km one way to be exact so you will need to camp out over night. This unique experience comes with the most extravagant blue waters in the middle of the canyon and stunning waterfalls, this place is worth even step.



One of the most breath taking and beautiful destinations you MUST see in 2019 is Tulum. Not only is the destinations scenery to die for there is so many activities to take place there. Tulum is knowing for is over 1000 year old ruins which are also home to iguana’s, lizards, spider monkeys and a large variety of other wild life which roam the ruins, make perfect photo opportunities. For the fitness guru Tulum offers some of the most magical yoga retreats with amazing views and the ultimate dose of relaxation. You cannot go to Tulum without experiencing the eye opening cenotes, with there roughly being almost 1 billion cenotes to choose from. The cenotes offer breath taking waters and extraordinary  snorkeling you cannot go to Tulum without experiencing them. For those of you who want to see something even more extraordinary whilst diving through the cenotes, just outside of Tulum holds a cenote known as the pet cemetery due to the findings of fossils of a Tapir and the remains of an extinct historic camel. Not only will you find bones in this cenote when you look up you will see spider monkeys everywhere.


Western Australia

Western Australia is not only knowing for its beautiful coast line its actually home to one of the worlds most sought after experiences – Whale Shark Diving. Most of you would presume you have to travel afar to the Caribbean to experience this, though believe it or not its right at our doorstep. Swimming with these gentle giants is one of the ultimate underwater experience on the sunny coral coast of WA. For those of you who are more of an adrenalin junkie and prefer something with a little more teeth,  great white cage diving is another killer experience WA has to offer. If that isn’t your cup of tea, ever wondered how to catch a snake? Wildlife centres provide tourists with day courses on how you can learn to capture natures most deadly animal, cool huh.