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Women’s Health Week – Day Two

It’s day two of  Women’s Health Week, and Jean Hailes for Women’s Health is promoting the importance of health checks.

Different checks are needed at different times in our life, but one thing every person should do is a quick SNAP health Check This is asking yourself about:


    Do you smoke? If yes, what is this doing to your health?


    Do you eat a healthy balance of nutritious foods?


    How many alcoholic drinks do you consume in a week?


    How active are you?

During Women’s Health Week, Jean Hailes has also provided a fabulous interactive body map for health checks, aimed at healthy women to help prevent the diseases that can have a big impact on your life. Please note – if you already have risks for disease or illness such as a family history, or your ethnic background increases the chance of you getting certain diseases, it is important you discuss the type and timing of health checks with your doctor.

Women’s Health Week is a week dedicated to all women across Australia to make good health a priority and the theme for this year is Confidence – Learn, Think, Do.

During the five days of the 2014 Women’s Health Week (1-5 September) you can focus on your health, learn more and take action.  Each day has a different focus guiding you in finding out how confidence affects your everyday life and health.

To check out more Women’s Health Week information from Jean Hailes, go to

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