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What’s on at the movies

This collection of films to watch will warm your heart from laughs and tears through the touching moments, comedy masterpieces and some of the greatest tunes the world has ever heard. Sebastian Briguglio has selected what must be the best compilation of films this year!


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After waking up in a world where The Beatles never existed, hyper fan Jack (Himesh Patel) dedicates the rest of his life to helping the world re-discover and re-fall in love with one of the greatest bands to have ever existed. Yesterday is really two things when you break it down – well, maybe one and a half. It’s first and foremost a love story – telling us the romantic tale of Jack and Ellie (Lily James) – and of course it’s also a love letter to The Beatles as well. 

Unlike with Bohemian Rhapsody – Yesterday does not reuse old Beatles vocals, but has actually assembled a cast of talented modern singers in order to bring a nuance and breathe of fresh life into the lyrics on show.  

Above all else though – this movie is fun. It’s not too complex, but instead has invested all of its efforts into telling a funny and heart-warming story. 

Why watch? Do you remember that movie from 2009 called ‘The Invention of Lying’? This movie is The Beatles loaded musical successor of that film. 

When? Out now


Palm Beach

Everyone dreams of settling down with a bit of beachside property and retiring – that is meant to be the easy part. However when Frank (Bryan Brown) family congregates at his waterfront property in Palm Beach to celebrate his birthday, what should turn out to be a peaceful weekend on the tap turns into a tale of betrayal, competition, tragedy and above all else, laughs – in what has to be one of the truest to the mark Australian comedies since The Castle.

With an all-star cast of Bryan Brown, Richard E Grant, Sam Neill, Jacqueline McKenzie and, Greta Scacchi we are treated to an absolute master class of acting. The key focus however is the films family dynamic. We follow the story of Frank as he struggles to be the father he wants to be, while his son fights to get the recognition he desires, this all shown in stark background to his relationship with his younger brothers (Neill and Grant respectively) 

Why watch? From start to end this film is an absolute beauty – not only is it bringing the laughs but it’s bringing the heart – without going into too much detail the father and son story in this film will be enough to bring even the most stoic of you to tears.

When? August 8


Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Quentin Tarantino is back, he is bringing the goods! Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood is his ninth time in the directorial chair and this might very well be his best outing ever. Flanked with a who’s who of Hollywood aces, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie, Dakota Fanning, Al Pacino and Kurt Russell. We take key focus on our lead DiCaprio as he stars as the soon to be entirely washed out Hollywood lead man Rick Dalton. 

Set in 1969 right at the end of the Golden Age of Hollywood, this film focuses on the cannibalisation the movie industry went through with the rise of the modern production company and what that meant to the ageing stars of yesterday. DiCaprio and Pitt take full command of the screen in this one, each one of them alone giving you more than a dozen reasons to see this masterpiece.

Why watch? Six minutes. When it debuted at Cannes, the standing ovation when the credits rolled went for six straight minutes. You will love this one. 

When? August 15



The Art of Self Defense

After Casey (Jesse Eisenberg) is attacked on the street by a roaming motorcycle gang he joins a neighbourhood karate dojo to learn how to protect himself. Everything seems to be going well for the young man, his confidence is up, he’s making new friends and his life is really starting to take a turn for the better – that is until he starts taking his instructors mysterious night classes. 

Now Casey is wrapped up in a surreal world of intrigue, mystery and danger as his once friendly instructor begins to hunt him down to silence him before it’s too late.

If you have any familiarity with Jesse Eisenberg’s acting body until now then you will know what to expect – he brings the same award charm that he always does with just the right amount of snappy dialogue to go alongside with it. 


Why watch? For what it is, this is a weirdly unique one. The entire film has a kind of kitschy feel to it – every actor portrays their character with just the right level allure to them – all of them giving just enough to keep you watching until the very end.

When? Out now


My Big Gay Italian Wedding

Based off the hit off broadway play by the same name, My Big Gay Italian Wedding tells the story of Antonio and Paulo, long term Italian couple living out in Berlin. Antonio decides one day to bring his now fiancé Paulo to his old Italian village to see both his birthplace and finally meet his parents. This however proves to be a bit more difficult than anticipated as Antonios father struggles to come to terms with the idea that his son is in fact gay. 

The focus of this film, much like the original play, is that of comedy, the majority of the laughs come from the interplay between the engaged couple and Antonios father – the latter being portrayed as the stereotypical “masculine Italian patriarch” – this being a good move for many reasons, all of the jokes play out in a universal way that any and all members of the audience can enjoy. 


Why watch? This film is both hilarious and touching at all the right moments – coming in at a brief 90 minute watch and a fantastic way to spend the morning. 

When? Out now.