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We're Always Back To The Same Place

Is it wrong to feel guilty if you’d rather return to the same holiday spot each year than go to the trouble of finding somewhere new?

We don’t think so – not if its suits you – and the latest research is suggesting you’re far from alone.

In fact, one fifth of Australian holidaymakers surveyed recently chose their last destination based on having visited it before.

To paint a bigger picture, in the year up to September 2015, almost 13 million Australians over 14 took at least one holiday, and for their last trip, 2.8 million of those people (or 21.2 per cent) decided to go somewhere they’d already been.

In Australia, the holiday destination with the highest proportion of visitors who said they chose it because they’d been there before was the North West Coast in Tasmania.

Of all people who visited this region on their last holiday, 42 per cent had chosen it based on their previous experience.

Other destinations likely to be chosen on the basis of the traveller having been there before are the Victorian High Country (37.8 per cent of whose visitors had been there before), Southport (36.9 per cent), Eyre Peninsula/Port Lincoln/Ceduna (34.8 per cent) and Noosa (33.5 per cent).

Roy Morgan Research group account director Angela Smith said there’s something to be said about multiple holidays to the same location.

“They allow the traveller to get to know the destination (and possibly some of the locals) and feel less like a tourist,” Ms Smith said.

“Our latest data shows that more than one in five Australian travellers opted to take the familiar route rather than the path less travelled on their last trip, returning to a previously visited destination.

“Most of the popular repeat destinations are coastal, a timely reminder (given that the holiday season is approaching) that Aussies love a beach getaway.”

Do you have a favourite holiday spot that you return to, year after year?



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