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Valentine’s Day myth busters

valentine's day myths

The truth behind the mask of the most romantic day of the year or is it? Dating and Relationship Expert, Louanne Ward takes a look at some of Valentine’s Day myths.

Valentine’s Day has its pain and pleasure for both singles and couples. Many singles think they are missing out, yet for many couples it’s a day they’d be happy to avoid. Somewhere in between there are the true romantics who celebrate their love.

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No matter where you are things aren’t always what they appear to be.

Myths busters surrounding Valentine’s Day.

1) Men are less romantic than women.
False. According to a lot of real-world data men are more romantic. Dr Helen Fisher a leading anthropologist explains that “Men fall in love faster because they are visual their biologically better vision plays a major role in romantic tendencies as visual strength comes from testosterone”. Which makes sense when surveys show that men are more likely to fall in love at first sight. A study published in the Journal of personality and social psychology also found that men are likely to be the first one to say I love you in a relationship and to feel more happiness when hearing those words.

She goes on to say “Women are biologically and evolutionary program to be choosier than men when it comes to relationships it’s much less risky for men to jump right in”.

2) The older generations are more romantic on Valentine’s Day than the younger ones.
. It seems the older you get the less likely you are to celebrate Valentines day. According to data collected by finder older Aussies are far less likely to spend than younger generations. 80% of baby boomers steer clear of Valentine’s Day while almost half of Gen Y will spend for the romantic occasion.

3. Most couples thinking about a break up call it quits before Valentine’s Day
. For couples who have been on the rocks they often get through Christmas and New Year following a reflective period and don’t want to leave it to drag on till past Valentine’s Day. A survey of over 2000 respondents conducted by illicit encounters (a found the biggest break up day was 2 days before Valentine’s Day.

4. Men would prefer sex to gifts
True. I think it’s safe to say that this would apply to just about every special occasion. But seriously according to a survey of 2000 men conducted by a whopping 90% said sex was the #1 thing on their wanted list.

5. Women want to be spoilt with expensive gifts.
False. Women prefer a man to remember the little things. Extravagance takes a back seat to thoughtfulness. Something personal you remember that is exclusive to her will mean more. 

6. Red roses are the most romantic flower to give on Valentine’s Day
. Even though it’s a safe choice and I don’t think any women will complain receiving red roses they aren’t always a woman’s first choice. Of all the surveys I read and researched it was inconclusive that red roses were voted the most romantic flowers in fact much of my research concluded that tulips were preferred. When it comes to giving a woman flowers going with the safe choice isn’t always the best choice. Showing that you’ve put in the effort and you’ve given her something unique will stand out more than following the pack.

Now that we’ve broken some of the most common myths around Valentine’s Day let’s have a look at Valentine’s Day gifts that are fails.

Guys. Steer clear of fluffy hand cuffs, alcohol and tacky lingerie. In your mind this might make for a good night but according to a woman’s poll these are the least preferred gifts.


Ladies. When it comes to the guys stuffed toys, a tie or undies aren’t high on the list .

Overall if you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day the preferred choice by both sexes is dinner (both home cooked, a picnic or eating out)  flowers, chocolate’s, small gestures, nicely written words of appreciation and a night of lovemaking are still on the top of the list for couples.

Now we have the couples covered some useful tips for singles heading into Valentine’s Day

7 Tips for singles dreading Valentine’s day

Is Valentine’s day really that bad or is it your attitude and behaviour making it? 

7 quick reality checks that work

  1. Lay off the dating apps, desperate dating isn’t attractive. It’s too easy to get caught up in the hype and on a date for valentine’s day just so you fit in, rather than because you actually like the person and all you’ll attract is someone just as desperate as you.
  2.  Stay off social media, you’ll only see what people want you to see. 
  3. Write a card for a friend or send a message to a friend telling them what you appreciate about them, you can’t control what you get but you can control what you give.
  4. Don’t share your poor me attitude, your words become reality.
  5. Stop comparing your life to others, you are where you are, get grateful.
  6. Focus your attention on a new goal, something you can control.
  7.  Feb 15 is National pet adoption day. Think about getting unconditional love every day of the year!

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