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Uber Driving: Would You Do It?

In an effort to raise awareness of a ‘flexible income’ among hundreds of thousands of senior citizens, last month Uber partnered with Seniors Card New South Wales .

The collaboration, which involves 1.4 million Seniors Card holders and 3,500 participating businesses, allows Uber to help educate senior citizens on the technology-enabled ridesharing app and how they might be able to cash in.

Awareness and education will be raised via a number of sessions to be hosted throughout the year.

The partnership comes with the support of the Minister of Ageing and Disability Services John Ajaka, who said he was delighted to announce the alliance.

“We know that seniors in New South Wales are incredibly active with many relying on public transport to help get them around,” Mr Ajaka said.

“It will provide an affordable and reliable transport option, as well as raising awareness of the opportunity for them to become driver partners with Uber and re-enter the workforce on a schedule that suits them.”

A number of older drivers both in and outside New South Wales who opted to take the driver’s seat for a bit of extra money – among other reasons – have had largely positive experiences.

Gold Coast driver Lori Ferugla, 66, said she had never used Uber, not even as a customer, when she saw an article wanting drivers.

Lori, who was worked for a number of big companies during her career, found that her children were initially against her driving for Uber.

But so far the retiree has had only good experiences, and with the schedule flexibility it permits, she’s not having to ignore more pressing matters.

“I have an old mum, she is actually my priority,” Lori said.

“I think it’s actually quite fair, you’ve got [Uber’s] support there at all times.”

She’s now been in the driver’s seat for just over a year, and turns the app on and off “when I feel like it – there’s no pressure”.

She even has repeat customers, whom, she said laughing, sometimes invite her to the parties.

As for the safety side of things, Lori is convinced it’s “the safest way of travelling”.

What have your experiences with Uber been like? Would you give it a go in the driver’s seat for a bit of pocket money?