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The best offer

Multi award winning actor Geoffrey Rush stars in this dramatic mystery written and directed by Giuseppe Tornatore.

When Geoffrey Rush read the script for The Best Offer he described it as a page-turner – “an integration of multiple story lines, fascinating characters, extraordinary twists and turns and a very high level of art. “This is scriptwriting that you don’t see that often!”

Like Rush, audiences are sure to be entranced by this movie, due for release in Australia on August 29. Australia will, in fact, be the first English speaking territory to open the film.

The Best Offer is a dramatic mystery set in the high-stakes world of European art auctions. The storyline focuses on Virgil Oldman (played by Geoffrey Rush), a solitary yet cultured man who has an obsession for his profession as a high-end antiques dealer and expert on art forgery. When he meets heiress Claire (played by Sylvia Hoeks), he soon becomes entranced and enveloped in a relationship that dramatically changes his life. Geoffrey Rush, who has an Academy Award, Golden Globe and BAFTA listed among many accolades on his impressive resume, was the first actor to come to Giuseppe Tornatore’s mind to play Virgil. “He’s an actor I have been following for many years.”

Geoffrey Rush in THE BEST OFFER_6“Giuseppe Tornatore is a classical, very elegant director. “He empowers the audience’s imagination to be on high alert.” Geoffrey Rush

Tornatore, best known for his work on Cinema Paradiso for which he won an Oscar® for Best Foreign Film, describes the movie as a love story that follows the thriller weaving without being a thriller. “There are no murders, no killed people, no police, no investigators. “The film originates from two completely different ideas of two different stories. “The first is a very old one, something I had in my mind since more than 20 years; the other one was more recent. “They were two stories arousing both my curiosity, but at the same time they didn’t convince me as much as to let them become movies. “Until, one day for fun, I tried to combine the two ideas and I found the solution I was looking for. “It was then that the story began to stand on its own.”

Geoffrey Rush confirms that Tornatore is a champion at creating suspense, tension and release. “Giuseppe Tornatore is a classical, very elegant director. “He empowers the audience’s imagination to be on high alert. “He has a highly original sense of the camera. “He knows the fundamental craft: he knows where to put the camera, when to put the camera, why he puts the camera. “I find this very exciting.”

Joining Geoffrey Rush and Sylvia Hoeks in the film is Jim Sturgess, who plays Robert, and respected and prolific actor Donald Sutherland who plays Billy. Sturgess recently starred in Cloud Atlas and One Day while Sutherland has more than 130 films to his name and has appeared alongside a cast of renowned actors from Jane Fonda through to Clint Eastwood, Keira Knightley and Nicole Kidman.

The Best Offer has been exquisitely shot with a very European feel and classic old world mystery. The sophisticated art auctions create a stylish backdrop. It has won six David di Donatello Awards 2013 (Italian Oscars) including best film, best director and best music by Ennio Moricone.

“It’s a love story that fallows the thriller weaving without being a thriller: There are no murders, no killed people, no police, no investigators.”
Giuseppe Tornatore

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