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Sustainable Land Management

Many ‘lifestyle blocks’ come with woody weed thickets, as well as the ‘hidden treasure’ of enormous weed seed banks. Although other projects may appear to be a rst priority, managing weeds should always top the list. This is due to the fundamental biology of plants: for instance, a mature gorse infestation can produce 6 million seeds per hectare each year, and seeds may remain viable in the soil for up to 30 years. Most weeds have similar survival mechanisms! Ensuring plants do not produce seeds is critical to the long-term sustainability of affected areas, irrespective of whether you’re using the land for productivity, conservation or just aesthetics.

Where to start? Fortunately, help is now easy to access. Dow AgroSciences’, long regarded as the “Woody Weed Specialists” with decades of knowledge and experience, have recently launched a number of initiatives to assist in developing tailored solutions to woody weed control. This includes a dedicated website, featuring weed identi cation, best conditions for control, techniques for each situation, and even houses instructional application videos to demonstrate how easy it

is to control weeds. There is also a tablet app which contains this information, and a smartphone rate- nder app for a quick reference. If you’re still uncertain and want more information, you can simply call the Woody Weed Hotline on 1800 899 147 to speak to a woody weed expert, or email your enquiry to

Although it seems daunting, controlling weeds is achievable and the results are incredible. Graham James from Victoria reported on his success: “What we’ve done has cleared up areas beyond belief which allows us to run a few more head of cattle. We were also conscious of being a good neighbour, we wanted to make sure our own backyard was clean.”

There are even weed control options available for those that don’t have any spray equipment. VigilantTM II Herbicide is in a ready-to-use pack, that’s easy to use, OH&S friendly and perfect for those environmentally sensitive areas. It’s simply a matter of cut and blob the gel via a squeeze tube!

Visit our website to learn more about weeds and how you can succeed in woody weed control.

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