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Sad Grandfather Invites Public To Burger Cookout

A United States grandfather who found viral fame after his granddaughter published a heartbreaking photo of him eating a hamburger at a failed family reunion has welcomed the public to join him at his upcoming cookout.

9 News reported that Kenny Harmon, known affectionately by his grandchildren as “Papaw”, invited his six grandchildren to join him for a hamburger dinner last week, only to have one initially turn up.

That one was granddaughter Kelsey Harmon, who posted a picture of him eating his burger to her Twitter account. It accumulated hundreds of thousands of likes and retweets.

Now, Mr Harmon has proposed hosting a second cookout, this time inviting members of the public to join him.

Grandson Brock Harmon, 20, who eventually made it to the original cookout, has taken to Twitter to provide event details to the public.

Brock promised Mr Harmon would be in attendance to cook burgers and take photos.

Besides the food, t-shirts printed with an image of Mr Harmon and text “I had a burger with Papaw” will be available for purchase.

Mr Harmon’s grandchildren have even launched a website where the t-shirt and a cap with a similar design could be purchased.

Scandalised visitors have scrambled to leave bad product reviews, slamming the grandchildren for capitalising on the image, while others have chosen to the a positive side:

“You make your granddad feel like crap and then try and profit from the publicity. You are horrible people.”

“Honestly – whether the proceeds are going to Papaw or towards the college funds, I’m sure Papaw will be overjoyed for either.”

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