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Rise and Rise of RV’ing: Benefits of a motor home as a travel choice

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When it comes to holidays, there is an abundance of destinations available. Whether you’re heading out on a last minute get-away, or you’re planning a 12-month journey, you might already have the destinations in mind, but the question remains – how are you going to get there?

Trains, planes, ships, your car – these are all great choices. Then you just need to book your accommodation, decide where you want to go – and when. It can be as tedious as it is exciting; so imagine if you could simply throw your gear into your vehicle and take off on a whim into the sunset – with only the wind at your back and an open road.

That’s why we love RVs and that’s exactly why more and more retirees are choosing a Motorhome over other types of travel. Not only do you get your transport, but you also get your accommodation – and your freedom. The only schedule to keep is your own.

In Australia, there are currently over 620,000 registered RVs with an estimated 135,000 vehicles on the road at any one time, according to the Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia (CMCA).

So what is it about motorhoming that is drawing more and more Australians to ditch the caravans, cancel the hotels and ships, and start cruising in their own home- away-from-home?


We just said it. RVs provide a home away from home. It’s like taking your apartment with you when you travel. Like any home, you choose the layout that suits your personal needs and then fill it with your own possessions. Every day you wake up in your own bed, no matter where you are. And the best part about taking your home with you? That includes your pets! Travel within Australia is generally pet-friendly and with your own motorhome, you don’t have to worry about leaving Fido at home.


Motorhomes are the easier driving option, providing more flexibility as to who is on driving duty. Unlike towing, there is no hitching and unhitching, making this style of travel physically easier and setups and pack downs quicker, leaving more time to enjoy the serenity.


Like all forms of travel, an awareness of personal security and safety is important. Motorhoming gives you the freedom to travel into remote and untouched corners of this great country with the security to know that should something go bump in the night, you can simply move from your bed to the driver’s seat and drive off.


With a vast array of layouts and sizes on offer, you can find a vehicle that is set up for your style of travel. Choose a comfortable castle for two or a playful palace filled with grandkids. Starting from a compact 5.8 metres, right up to (and beyond) 9.5 metres motorhomes can be equipped for laid-back free-camping adventures or the social life of caravan parks, the choice is yours.


Gone is the drab wood panelling of the 1990s. The modern classic interiors incorporate cutting-edge design and so you don’t need to compromise on style. Like buying a house, owning a motorhome gives you the benefit of being able to set up the interior just as you want it. You can accommodate your passions and hobbies; take your bikes, inflatable kayaks, painting equipment; and tailor storage compartments to suit your most precious things.


Motorhomes make good financial sense.

With a strong second-hand market new motorhomes hold their value well, so it’s an investment you won’t regret. Think of it like this – you might go on a trip to Europe for 2 months, spend $50,000 and come home. You have some great stories and fantastic photos. But that’s it. Spend $200,000 onan RV and you have a holiday that lasts for years. Go anywhere, anytime you want. And the good news is that they depreciate slowly, so after 2 years, your vehicle has only lost 15% of its value (compared to cars which depreciate 20% in the first year alone).


Motorhomes are considered motor vehicles and as such are built to an international standard of safety and compliance under the Australian Design Rules (ADRs). Compare this to caravans, which in Australia are classified as trailers and are manufactured to self-regulated industry codes.


Modern self-contained caravans have got significantly heavier and longer in recent years; coupled with a declining towing experience amongst many new caravan owners resulted in increased caravan towing related rollovers and accidents.Even gusts of wind have been reported as causing caravan accidents. By contrast, Motorhoming is a safer driving alternative with a shorter road length and more balanced weight distribution..

If you choose the right motorhome, you can’t go wrong. Sunliner is an Australian manufacturer of motorhomes. They are reputable, and have been in the industry for 45 years – it’s a company you can trust. Staff are passionate about the RV lifestyle and can answer all your questions so you can make an informed decision about your travel investment.

For more information please contact Sunliner:

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