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Riding solo? The emerging trend of solo travel


With over 65% of travellers on group tours travelling alone, solo travel is an emerging trend we’re keen to support.  When travelling to destinations where language or cultural customs can be a barrier, a group tour offers both security and companionship. There’s something reassuring about exploring a new place with someone at your side, whether it’s a guide or fellow travellers.

Benefits of travelling solo on a group tour:

  • You’ll start the tour as an individual but will finish with many lifelong friends.
  • There’s always someone to take your photo in front of the Taj Mahal/Angkor Wat/the Great Wall of China (and yes, we know there are selfie-sticks these days, but who really wants to lug one of those around?)
  • Safety in numbers – regardless of how well travelled you are, we all know the feeling of trepidation as you arrive in a new destination where you don’t speak the language and don’t know your way around.  A solo tour offers the comfort of having all this organised for you.
  • You’re free to be you. You may be a mother/husband/babysitter/executive/counsellor/doctor at home, but on tour, you are a traveller – an ‘Explorer of the World’. Focus on the present and immerse yourself in your new environment and the journey along the way, then swap stories with your fellow group members at the end of each day over dinner. We know that often the extra expense of travelling solo can be off-putting, which is why we have options for you.

There are all sorts of reasons why you might find yourself riding solo on your next holiday! Maybe you want to explore more culturally adventurous destinations than your family and friends…Or maybe your idea of a holiday doesn’t involve lying on a sun lounger but instead exploring rice paddy fields or cycling around ancient cities.

Perhaps you and your partner take it in turns to go on holidays – after all, someone has to stay home and look after the pets, plants, kids and grandkids, right? Well now it’s your turn to jet off to Asia and try your hand at going it alone. It’s time to indulge yourself and embark on that trip you have always wanted to take – without having to compromise or negotiate with potential travelling companions.  Don’t let the thought of travelling alone stop you from reaching your travel dreams. Wendy Wu Tours’ exclusive solo range of tours are just the ticket for solo travellers.

These specially curated itineraries across China, India, Vietnam and Japan bring together a group of like-minded people to share amazing memories and experiences, without the hassle of being the only solo traveller. Solo tours give you the sense of support that comes from being a part of a group, with the added comfort of your own guaranteed single room, and with no extra single supplement to pay.

Wendy Wu Tours take care to match you up with a group of other solo travellers who want to see the same sights and have similar experiences as you. You’ll never be short of someone to take your photo or swap stories at the end of the day. Each of the unique tours are guided by one of their experienced National Escorts, helping to create the perfect inclusive atmosphere for each group to discover Asia and beyond together, complete with group dinners, cultural experiences and fun activities to make the most of your holiday. They have perfected their range of tours to capture the very essence of Asia – so you’re not just admiring the top sights but truly discovering them.

Going solo gives you the chance to truly discover yourself. Start conversations with the locals, learn something new. Be a photographer, a tai chi master or an explorer. With all the travel arrangements taken care of, you’re free to just be you!

Whether China captivates you with its unique blend of bustling cities, soaring mountains and sprawling natural planes. With countless bucket list attractions, from the mysterious Terracotta Warriors to the majestic Yangtze River and the expansive Great Wall, China is a destination you will keep going back to!

Japan is like nowhere else in the world. It’s isolated history and rich culture has enabled this unique civilisation to blossom over the years, and today it thrives in an eclectic mix of tradition and contemporary. Escape the buzzing metropolis of Tokyo as you gaze at the mesmerising cherry blossoms, glimpse a geisha and wander through the many tranquil temples.

India emits a special energy unlike any other destination, a melting pot of sights, sounds, spirituality, and smells. A nation full of cultural experiences, diverse landscapes, enigmatic people and grandeur palaces. One visit will not be enough. Sri Lanka is equally as enigmatic, with a deep connection to nature, their historical livelihood has strong roots with the sea, fields and mountains producing famous herbs, spices and tea.

Southeast Asia is full of breath-taking natural beauty and the region carries with it a quiet peace and happy energy unique to itself. Each country within this captivating region maintains their own distinct personality, yet together they make up the vibrant sights and sounds of Southeast Asia.

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