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78-Year-Old Takes On Internship, Decade Into Retirement

Earlier this week the TODAY Show interviewed “Australia’s oldest intern”, 78-year-old Victorian Ken Holmes.

Mr Holmes, who has rejoined the workforce after a decade in retirement, jokingly said he did so because he was “tired of talking to a cat and dog at home”.

His internship, which he described as “one of the best jobs” he’s had, involved administration work at Mercy Place Aged Care in Parkville, Melbourne.

“It’s quite interesting and it shows a different way of the way the world works in aged-care,” Mr Holmes said.

Mr Holmes – who hasn’t yet told his children about his new job – said they would complain that he should be “looking for a bed in a nursing home, not working in one”.

Mr Holmes said his late wife Beatrice would have supported his decision to return to work and would have said to him, “You’re happy doing it? Keep it going, don’t give it up”.

Laughing about, he said that he was “too young to go into a nursing home”.

“[My children] can read it in paper tomorrow,” he said.

“I know one of them is really going to go off his rocker.”



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