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Prevent Skin Cancer with Sun Safe Behaviour

skin checkIt may be the middle of winter but it’s never a bad time to prevent skin cancer with sun safe behaviour. 

“To prevent skin cancer, sun safe behaviour should be observed at all times of year and skin checks are a necessary fact of life in Australia,” Dr Saxon Smith said.

“Skin cancer is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia for both men and women. “The earlier a skin cancer is caught, the easier it is to remove and the less invasive the process is.

“Seeing your family doctor for regular skin checks is the best way to catch skin cancer or skin lesions at risk of developing into cancers.

“This is especially the case for people with pale skin and / or a history of skin cancer in their family,” Dr Smith said.

“Your GP can also provide you with a referral to a dermatologist for further examination of suspect skin lesions.

“Your family doctor can not only help diagnose skin cancer but is also your gateway to specialist care, if necessary,” Dr Smith said.

“Your best defence against skin cancer is to protect yourself from the sun, no matter the season.

“Wearing a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, tightly-weaved clothing, and avoiding peak times are practices people should adopt whenever they go outdoors.

“Even if you don’t burn, the sun can still do your skin damage that can hasten the appearance of ageing and cause cancer.

“This is true for people of all skin tones, so make sure you protect yourself from the sun,” Dr Smith said.
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