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Post holiday blues remedy

post holiday blues

With the board games packed up, the decorations put away and as the quietness after the buzz and laughter of the grandchildren running around, we are often left with a feeling of emptiness at the end of the Christmas and New Year season. Jo Power, founder of Things by Bean, has put together her tips of keeping the post holiday blues at bay.

While we’ll be honest, that’s generally mixed with a gentle dose of relief as we catch our breath, there is no doubt that the end of the holidays signifies the end of the celebrations and time with family and the inevitable return to work.

Think beyond your vacation
Living in the moment is awesome, but living 99% in the moment and 1% in the future might help you adjust to the post-holiday return to routine. Find reasons to look forward to getting back into the swing of things – it could be a new hobby you want to try your hand at, a work-related goal or whatever gets you excited! And as far as your general health goes, routine is awesome. The human body thrives on routine, so you can look forward to feeling your best when you get back into it.

Body and mind

Balance is a big buzz word around the holidays. You’ll be pulled in every direction and it can be tough to look after yourself. Taking the time to get enough sleep and solitude should go a long way toward helping you enjoy the holiday festivities all season long.

 Set a goal
Here’s some interesting research about emotional events: experts say that your brain’s response to the emotional stimulation makes you remember things related to the event in more detail. So, if you set a New Year’s resolution during the holiday period, for example, you might be more likely to stay in the headspace that first inspired you to set the goal.

Keep treating yourself

Ease into your daily routine by keeping the party going… just a little bit. Plan something fun for you and your friends, like a monthly morning tea, a fun Friday tradition or even something as simple as going for a weekly walk.

Get ready to work it
Have a work-out schedule planned for your triumphant return to reality. Getting your body moving is the best way to battle those post-holiday blues, especially when you’ve got endorphins on your side. You don’t have to do anything hardcore if you’re not super-experienced with exercise – even a 30 minute stroll every day will make a difference.



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