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New Free Insurance Tracker App

A world-first free insurance tracker app which enables people to manage all aspects of their insurance on one user-friendly platform is now available for free.

The Know Risk Insurance Tracker helps users keep track of their policies, renew on time, make inventories of precious belongings and assists users to determine what insurance is best.

Available at, the app keeps all policy  information in one place, including contact details of insurance companies for when it’s needed; sends reminders to review and update insurance policies – not just renew them (one of the biggest causes of underinsurance in Australia); has an easy-to-use inventory that can be updated by taking photos of household items; keeps an accurate record of insurance information which can be sent to the insurer; and backs up all data securely in the cloud.

The Insurance Tracker App has been established by the Know Risk network, a community education program to improve the publics’ understanding of practical risk and financial risk management such as insurance The program does not promote any insurance products or sell the concept of insurance over the concept of risk management. It is committed to increasing knowledge in these areas through its online network by offering a variety of content including videos, documentaries, mobile applications, web based tools and information.

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