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Laughter is the Best Medicine on Stress Down Day

Anthony - jumping Kevin Even Higher Resolution shotToday, July 25, is Lifeline’s Stress Down Day and with key findings in Lifeline’s 2014 Stress Poll revealing 91 pet cent of respondents indicate they are experiencing stress, then it’s time to do something about it.

It seems the agage laughter is the best medicine has merit. Astonishingly, 98% of Australians have indicated that humour and laughter reduces stress.  And, that’s exactly what well known comedian and laughter expert Anthony Ackroyd and Lifeline’s 2014 Stress Less Laugh More Ambassador is telling us.

“If you focus on laughter you’ll bring more into your life then you’ll stress less and laugh more”  Ackroyd said. “Let’s talk about everyone’s favourite organ……the brain!”

“Stress can damage the brain whereas laughter can light up areas including the nucleus accumbens which is the reward centre of the brain, the same part of the brain that fires when we receive an unexpected gift. It squirts out this wonderful chemical called dopamine and we feel fantastic.”

“Too many of us are stress heads, it hurts the brain and damages the heart….stress sucks!”

Lifeline’s 2014 Stress Down Day is a national fundraising campaign that promotes happiness, encourages help seeking and raises awareness of suicide prevention through Lifeline’s crisis support services.

“Get involved and have fun this Stress Down Day by helping Lifeline raise funds through the power of laughter.”

Check out Anthony Ackroyd’s message for Stress Down Day here 


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