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Include a Charity Week Encourages Bequests

With this week being Include a Charity Week (16 – 22 September), 140 Australian charities have united to encouge Australians to leave a gift in their Will.

Most of Ausralia’s most recognised charities are behind the campaign, including the RSPCA, Cure Cancer, World Vision Australia, Red Cross, Amnesty International Australia and the Taronga Foundation. Together,  they  are working to do what no single charity has ever been able to achieve on its own – change the way Australians think about including charities in their Will. While 75 per cent of Australians support charities in their lifetimes, only 7.5 per cent leave a bequest to charity. Include a Charity seeks to increase this percentage to 12 per cent, which would make an additional $440 million available to charities.

Since  Include  a  Charity  formed  in  2011,  the  group  has  witnessed  positive  change  in  the number of people who intend to leave a bequest, and those that actually go on to do so. Discussing  charities  when  drawing  up  a  Will  is  becoming  more  accepted,  and  solicitors  are becoming more proactive in raising the subject with clients.

“We are delighted that there is a trend towards a consideration of charity bequests,” said Ross Anderson,  of  Include  a  Charity.  “However,  we  want  to  communicate  with  the  80 per cent  of Australians who don’t know this is an option. After making sure that loved ones are taken care of,  we  are  asking  people  to  consider  their favourite  charity  when  making  or  next  updating their Will.”

Tim Costello, Chief Executive of World Vision Australia says, “Including a charity in your Will is an opportunity for Australians to leave a lifechanging  legacy.  “It’s  another  way  people  can  support  the  causes  they  care  about  –  and make an impact for years to come.”

For more information about Include a Charity, a full list of member charities and for more on how to leave a bequest, visit