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High School Sweethearts Meet, Marry After 60 Years

A couple who met and dated in high school, but who went on to marry other people, have decades later found themselves together and in love again.

9 News reported that Lois Vitt, 78, lost her husband to lymphoma three years ago, while her highschool sweetheart, Jeff Greenwell, similarly lost his wife to cancer in recent years.

Both discovered that since the respective loss of their partners, they had been thinking of one another.

Originally having met as a junior (Ms Vitt) and a senior (Mr Greenwell) in highschool in the United States, they broke up when Mr Greenwell left for college.

Six decades on, Mr Greenwell tried looking up Ms Vitt in the phone book before running into a mutual friend, who he asked: “Is Lois alive?”

The friend informed Mr Greenwell of Ms Vitt’s current circumstances.

In September, they tied the knot.

“We laughed and cried,” Ms Vitt said.

“We were both still grieving our spouses, and we talked about how hard it was to see them sick.

“But it was extremely comfortable as if no time had gone by. Jeff wanted to know everything that had happened in the last 50 years.”

The pair reminisced about their time together when they were younger and pondered over their second chance together.

“After my wife’s death, I never planned on dating. But I wanted to know where Lois was,” Mr Greenwell said.

“When I learned we both had lost our spouses in the same year, I thought ‘This was a done deal’.”

Ms Vitt said she has slowly realised she never stopped loving her high school sweetheart.

“I realised I had loved him all my life and never wanted to be without him again,” she said.

“I loved the boy he was, and I grew to love the man he had become.

“It never occurred to me I’d fall madly in love at this age.”

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