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Gift ideas for grandchildren who “have it all”

Grandparents love to spoil their grandchildren, but the present purchasing process can be difficult. Particularly when your grandchildren seem to have it all already. You also have the challenge of getting a gift they will love, that their parents haven’t already ticked off the list. That’s where we can help with some unique ideas to impress your grandchildren. First, though, you will want to speak to the parents. You want to make sure you get it right and it works for everyone involved.


A Family Tree

For older grandchildren, a family tree might be the perfect gift. You won’t be around forever and providing them with stories about yourself, your parents, and even their parents is an incredible gift that they can cherish. Whether you format it in a traditional family tree or simply record a diary filled with family stories.



It could be a museum, a sports club or something else that interests them. An annual pass is a great gift for inquisitive children. Of course, you may have to furnish them to the entire family to ensure everyone can go along. If that’s the case you will want to get something that everyone will love.



Not all children love to read, but books are more interesting when they cover subjects that they love. So, talk to your grandkids or their parents about what they really enjoy and invest in some great books for them.


Live Event Tickets

Whether your grandchildren adore Taylor Swift, the rugby or A-league – gifting them with tickets to a live event is a wonderful gift. Even better if it’s you that gets to take them to it.


Subscription Boxes

There are so many different subscription box options you are sure to find one that suits.


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