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Four top winter date ideas

top winter date ideas

There’s a tendency to hibernate when it gets colder and that can also cool things on the romantic front. So how do we get the romantic sparks flying during winter? Here’s four top winter date ideas to warm your partner’s heart!

Four Top Winter Date Ideas

1. Coffee date. Whether you’d like to try a newly opened café or go to your regular, a sweet and warm date like this never gets old.

2. Movie date. Either you go to the movies or just get comfortable in your lounge attire for a night-time Netflix binge.

3. Get a room. They say that changing scenes can re-kindle the passion. Bonus points if there’s a super romantic view.

4. Picnic. I can hear you saying no way for this one. But believe me, picnics are not only for summer days. Grab your warmest blankets and bring out the berries, chocolates, a nice bottle of wine and lots of cuddles.