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Five ways to stay cool when sleeping this summer

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Australian summer is here which means, with warmer weather comes warmer nights. As we all know, there is little worse at night than feeling sweaty and stuffy when you’re trying to rest. Ringo Chan, CEO of bedding company Ecosa shares five ways to stay cool sleeping during summer nights, so you can get the best sleep you deserve.

How to stay cool when sleeping

  1. Choose breathable bedding 

In order to stay dry during the night, it is important to choose the right sheets. For instance, Bamboo bedding is not only moisture wicking, but helps trap cooler air close to your skin. It’s a great way to enjoy luxurious bedding during the warmer months, without getting trapped in heat with other bed fabrics such as high thread count cotton. Ecosa’s Bamboo bedding works in harmony with your body’s natural temperature regulation and contributes to a good night’s sleep.

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  1. Take a cool shower before bed and avoid hot drinks

Not only are cool showers beneficial for a strong immune system, they also cool you down, especially right before going to bed. They can help boost your blood circulation which is beneficial for your cardiovascular health. Drinking room temperature water or cooler is also supportive when you are trying to cool down.

  1. Opt for a natural quilt cover

Natural duvet fillings like silk will keep you cool at night and give you the ultimate luxury of sleeping in every day.  Ecosa’s 300 GSM quilt is beneficial for the hot and humid summer because it is lightweight but still snuggly. Other quilt materials such as synthetic polyester duvets trap heat and make you feel warmer at night, which isn’t ideal for the warmer months, whereas silk allows air to flow freely through its floss, helping you temperature regulate throughout the night.

  1. Sleep with a fan or air conditioner

Running a fan or relaxing in a fresh and cool ventilated room can be beneficial for a good night’s sleep. This is because your body tends to feel more comfortable and relaxed, preventing those midnight wake-up’s to reposition or regulate your body’s temperature. Using a fan or air conditioner while you sleep will prevent your body from naturally gravitating to wake up, as your room will already be set to the best sleeping condition that is ideal for you.

  1. Use block out blinds 

Using block out blinds is a good way to prevent heat from accumulating in your bedroom throughout the day. Not only do these blinds block out light and external noise, but they prevent heat from building up during the day which can create uncomfortable levels of heat. Heat is the number one factor that disrupts your sleep, therefore eliminating it gives you a better chance at having a comfortable and interrupted sleeping pattern, making you feel more refreshed the next morning.

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Ringo is the founder and director at bedding company Ecosa, which has been designing luxury sleep solutions since 2015.

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