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Five top ridesharing platforms that aren’t Uber

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Uber has been on the scene for six years now, with new data showing over 20 per cent of Australians 14 and above use the platform to get around in a three-month period – but it’s not the only ride-sharing option. We share the top five ridesharing platforms that aren’t Uber.

In fact, there are now over 2000 taxi and ridesharing services in Australia.

Here are the top five ridesharing platforms other than Uber that you should look into today:

Get Picked Up is the biggest Australian owned ridesharing company. There are no time of day price fluctuations, so no surge pricing even if you are picked up at midnight on a Friday. Rides are pre-booked and you can choose your preferred driver.

Shebah only hires female drivers and only accepts female passengers, or those who identify as female. Male relatives and children may travel with a female passenger. All of its drivers must have a current working with children check, which allows Shebah to transport unsupervised children and every driver has a children’s car seat.

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Ola is India’s most popular rideshare service. It arrived in Australia in early 2018 and has pitted itself against Uber with a claim of more drivers and cheaper fares. It operates in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Canberra and offers launch fare discounts when it opens up in a new city as well as first-time rider deals.

GoCatch allows you to book taxis and private drivers, including vans, in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane and doesn’t charge surge pricing during peak demand periods. The Australian-owned company lets you book from 30 minutes to 12 months ahead and earn Qantas points for your ride.

Scooti need to get through the city fast in peak times? Scooti offers rides as a motorbike passenger and claims to be carbon-neutral.

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