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Enjoy Dark Chocolate & Red Wine, It’s For Your Health

We often have a joke about how dark chocolate and red wine are good for the health. It is, though. Yes, you can take a moment to celebrate.


Let’s get down to it. Both red wine and dark chocolate contain resveratrol (okay, there are other foods that contain it, too, including blueberries and red grapes, you know, the kind that’s used to make red wine). As it turns out, researchers have found that when these compounds are applied to cells, cells split. Research previously discovered that the splicing factor cells turn off as we get older. This research shows that resveratrol can turn them back on. Better yet, the cells don’t just split – they are also rejuvenated. So, these old cells suddenly look younger.


This suggests that a breakthrough could be near when it comes to improved ageing. As we get older we start to experience a variety of degenerative issues. Resveratrol might just be the ticket to staving that off. So, next time you’re down the shops, you don’t need to feel guilty about stocking up on red wine and dark chocolate. It isn’t just about extending your lifespan, it’s about making sure that you can live healthily for all of your remaining years. Now you can help yourself by helping yourself to a glass of full-bodied red… and some dark chocolate.


It’s an exciting moment for researchers, as their work is paying off and the research opens new paths. For you, well, it’s exciting to know that your favourite hobbies are improving your health.


With the holidays upon us, it’s time to stock up. You may want to gift your older friends and relatives with some red wine and chocolate. Perhaps red wine and dark chocolate could form part of your New Year’s resolutions?

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