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Don’t let low interest rates hold back your potential portfolio returns


The cash rate has been punishing investors with high levels of cash in their investment portfolios in recent years…

Five years ago term deposit were returning over 4% per annum, but today rates are closer to and around 2.0% per annum.

In such an environment, some investors may feel pressured to move greater proportions of their cash holdings into alternative investment options such as shares, which could deliver.

However, savvy investors know the importance of a balanced portfolio and therefore know that it is wise to keep a portion of their portfolios liquid.

How can you get a better return, despite the current cash rate?

At Trilogy, we’re proud to offer a cash-style investment for those seeking a better return on their cash while maintaining access to their money, despite the current low rate environment.

When you invest in Trilogy Enhanced Cash, approximately 70% of your funds are invested to cash, term deposits, direct and indirect investments in other short term debt instruments. The remainder is invested in the Trilogy Monthly Income Trust.

While this means exposing your investment to a higher risk profile, than an investment in a pure cash product, this combination offers diversification to a portfolio whilst aiming to boost your return.

This cash-style investment has consistently delivered monthly returns in a low-yield environment, recently paying investors 4.80% p.a. for the month of June 2019 and 4.13% p.a. since inception of the fund in April 2017.*

Of course, cash-style investments are only one facet of a balanced investment portfolio and we recommend seeking advice from a licensed financial adviser before making an investment decision.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Trilogy could help you get your savings working harder, download your free information pack today.

For more information visit Trilogy.

*Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. This article has been prepared by Trilogy Funds Management Limited (Trilogy) ABN 59 080 383 679 AFSL 261425 as responsible entity for the managed investment schemes mentioned in this article. Trilogy has issued a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for each of the managed investment schemes mentioned within this article. The PDSs are available at or by contacting us. You should obtain a copy of the relevant PDS, understand the risks, and seek personal advice from a licensed Financial Adviser before investing. Investment in the Trust is subject to terms and conditions, and risks which are disclosed in the PDS. These risks include the risk of losing income or principal invested. Applications will only be accepted on the current application form that accompanies the PDS. These managed investment schemes are not bank deposits and Trilogy does not guarantee their performance.

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