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Ditching Doctor Google: Australian women tackling menopause look to Lisa Curry

From breaking swimming records to breaking a sweat, Triple Olympian, Lisa Curry is now taking on another significant milestone, tackling hormonal imbalance and menopause with 200,000 Australian women in her squad.

 In a quest to bring answers and relief to an age-old problem, Lisa Curry and a specialist team have launched an online portal, becoming the go-to source for information and support for women experiencing a whole range of hormone related conditions.

Through Happy Healthy You, co-created with naturopath and hormonal specialist, Jeff Butterworth who has more than 20 years’ experience specialising in the treatment of hormonal disorders and is the author of Balance Your Hormones, Lisa has opened up access to naturopaths, wellness coaches and healthy recipes to empower women to take charge of their mental and physical health naturally.

“There is no doubt that hormonal issues at any age will change a woman. It’s uncomfortable, irritating, emotional and until now, has been a rather lonely battle. But menopause, something I am living through at the moment, will affect every woman at some point and more needs to be done to combat the feeling of isolation and despair,” Lisa said.

“To date, we’ve been told to use a form of Hormone Replacement Therapy which can wreak havoc on our bodies, or simply do nothing, which can wreak havoc on our minds.”

Lisa has experienced serious hormonal imbalance since her early 20’s and the lack of natural options available has made it difficult for her to manage her symptoms, so she decided something needed to change.

Now, at 56, Lisa, Jeff and their team are on a mission to help thousands of women manage their hormonal imbalances naturally.

“PMS, peri-menopause and menopause are not illnesses. However, the symptoms and not knowing how to alleviate them can leave you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and confused,” said Lisa.

“Through Happy Healthy You, we want to provide education to Australian women to let them know they aren’t alone, and to understand that these are natural milestones in life that have been occurring for centuries, and we wanted to create a natural solution to manage it,” she said.

60-year-old Marilyn Sutton of Maroochydore, Queensland, found her body shape changing when she transitioned into retirement where her days weren’t as active as they previously were, and went searching for an online support group that welcomed and embraced mature women.

“There are lot of exercise and nutrition programs out there today, but so many were geared toward younger people with more energy or mums of young kids. I wanted someone who understood that everyday tasks get harder when you get older, that you work up a sweat just sitting down, and that despite looking older on the outside, inside you still want to be that 35-year-old that can do it all.”

“Menopause was hell for me, I started going through it at 49 and doctors tried me on HRT and depression tablets, but I hated being on them, so I slowly came off by myself. I just suffered through it. I wish this program was around then!

“Lisa has given us a place we can all feel at home. Her team is full of information and they are real life experts that answer pretty much every question asked of them! We’re getting for free what others pay hundreds of dollars for, and I can’t thank the team enough for this,” she said.

Alongside the community and professional support, Happy Healthy You offers a range of supplements, plant-based herbs and fermented superfoods for a whole range of women’s health issues. The naturopath-developed and endorsed supplements are proving a popular choice for Australian women experiencing hormonal conditions, with sales growing 100% percent over the last 12 months.

Happy Healthy You also offers an online health assessment to help women get a better understanding of their current health. Visit to receive a tailored hormonal profile.

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