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Discover your 2020 vision


The end of the year is fast approaching and with these languid days comes the dawning of big plans. Curbing bad habits and nurturing new, this is the point where we begin envisioning the months ahead. What is your 2020 vision?

With Latin America and Polar Travel Specialists, Chimu Adventures, new travel experiences are always on the horizon. Forget cliché promises of more hours in the gym and less in front of the TV and make your 2020 vision a kaleidoscope of adventure, fulfillment, education and giving back.

Where will your 2020 vision take you?

Close your eyes and imagine your ideal holiday. Do you see yourself whiling away the hours on tropical shores, cocktail in hand, or searching for wildlife against an icy vista? Does your vision transport you to the cobbled backstreets of a faraway city or deep into a steamy rainforest where unknown creatures zip past with a crack of their wings? Latin America and the Polar regions can provide all these experiences.

Chimu organise tailor made holidays to some of the world’s most remote and heartbreakingly beautiful destinations. We have channelled the last 15 years into creating some of the most coveted experiences on the planet: expedition cruises to Antarctica; glamping or sailing in the Galapagos Islands; getting a taste of Gaucho life at a working ranch in Patagonia; being part of a science project to discover new species at an Amazon eco-lodge; sitting on deck under a midnight sun in the Arctic and trekking the lesser-walked trails of Peru from luxury mountain lodges.

2020 without the crowds

We are advocates for the lesser visited locale. Far-flung destinations can mean fewer people and we have a few secrets up our sleeve. While we can take you to all the Latin America and polar icons, we also like sharing the love with places and communities which may not always be top of mind.

We only run small ship expedition cruises (under 200 people) meaning that when you travel to Antarctica and the Arctic with us, you won’t be sharing your experience with thousands of other people. Fellow passengers soon become friends when numbers are kept this small and the distant shores and communities you will visit will thank you for it. Days are spent exploring the ice and soaking up the knowledge of your expedition team via lectures. We have Australia’s largest selection of polar vessels to choose from, depending on travel style and budget, so you won’t be short on options.

One of the seven new wonders of the world, Machu Pichhu’s fame is justified, but if you don’t fancy sharing your archaeological experience with the masses, there are other options. Kuélap in northern Peru is the fascinating site of the Chachapoyas people. Fiercely independent and never conquered by the Spanish or Incas, their settlement includes towering walls and roundhouses in a mist of cloud forest 3000 metres above sea level. It may not be that simple to access being located on the Amazonian side of the northern Peruvian Andes but standing amongst sixth century AD ruins without thousands of others will make the journey worth it.

Galapagos Sea Lions travel destination

2020 with care

2019 was the year environmental activism exploded. The planet has battled climate disasters such as floods, drought and extreme fires and societal response has come in the form of Extinction Rebellion and Climate Strike, among others. Key figures such as Greta Thunberg have inspired millions of people to be hugely pro-active about the climate emergency issues we are facing and Chimu want to make sure that as a travel company, which inevitably involves the sale of long-haul destinations, we are making our operations as sustainable as possible. We want Chimu travellers to make conscious decisions about the holidays they are taking therefore strive to only work with experiences that can prove to us that they operate in an environmentally and socially responsible way.

For example, in 2020, Chimu will  be launching Antarctica cruises aboard our own vessel, the Ocean Endeavour. The Ocean Endeavour carries no more than 200 passengers at one time which minimises its environmental and cultural impact, while creating a more intimate experience for guests. The Ocean Endeavour’s debut expedition will sail south from Ushuaia in early November 2020 and will establish an industry first by making all cruises climate positive. Every departure will be double carbon offset and projects supported through this include Rainforest Rehab in Malaysian Borneo who replant trees and avoid deforestation of the natural jungle by the prevention of palm oil plantations; and Winds of Change in Turkey which runs 20 wind turbines generating 109.9GWh of annual electricity. This project has the additional benefit of creating more than 60 jobs in the local community.

Realising your 2020 vision

Chimu have been working in Latin America and the polar regions since 2004 and all our Destination Specialists have lived in/travelled Latin America extensively. Most of them have visited the polar regions too so can talk you through the different options available. Channel your energy into positive travel goals and make 2020 the year your vision become a reality with Chimu Adventures.

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