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Discover amazing cruise combinations with MSC!

Combinations work!
Majestic landscape, stylish cities and beautiful beaches are all available as you cruise through the Mediterranean or Northern Europe in 2012 with MSC, but why not take it one step further and combine cruises so you can experience it all in one amazing Grand Combination.

The excitement of East and West Mediterranean
With 12 luxurious ships discovering the Mediterranean all year round, MSC Cruises has been able to really showcase the delights of both the east and West Mediterranean with its popular Grand Mediterranean itineraries. For 2012, you can choose from three amazing combination and enjoy the delights of two luxurious ships. Departing every Friday combine the beautiful Greek Islands with the history of Italy, Spain and Tunisia on-board MSC Armonia and MSC Sinfonia, while every Saturday experience MSC’s two newest ships MSC Divina exploring the beauty of Turkey with MSC Splendida discovering Malta, Tunisia, Italy and Spain. On Sunday the popular destinations of the Greek Islands and Croatia combine with the beauty of France, Spain, Tunisia and Italy on-board MSC Musica and MSC Fantasia. For an extra delight all three options start in the stunning city of Venice and to make your journey smooth MSC Cruises will include a FREE transfer from Venice to Genoa between each ship, so there’s no better way to explore the Mediterranean than grand cruising with MSC.

The beauty of Norwegian Fjords and Baltic Cities
Already cruised the Mediterranean, why not consider a Grand Northern Europe combination. Discover the rich tapestry and culture of the stylish Baltic cities including st Petersburg, Tallin and stockholm and combine them with the breathtaking contrast of the Norwegian Fjords, Norway and Germany. You can delight in Norwegian Fjords first then do the Baltics or reverse them and enjoy the sparkling cities before the majestic mountains from May to September 2012. These beautiful cruises can be enjoyed on one luxurious ship either the poetic MSC Poesia or the majestic MSC Magnifica. spend the entire 14 nights on either of these ships and enjoy the excellent on-board activities and entertainment while you cruise the delights of Northern Europe.

Cruise one way and explore!
For many of our clients cruising is, as much about the beauty of the ship as the stunning ports of call, however it can also provide a unique way to move around Europe in style. MSC Cruises in 2012 have a selection of one way cruise options that allow you to enjoy the ship as a mode of transport as you start in one country and end in another while exploring new or previously enjoyed ports of call. Why not delight in our newest ship MSC Divina on her inaugural cruise starting in Marseille, France, discovering Italy, Malta and Croatia before ending in romantic Venice or be enticed by the history of Genoa before boarding MSC Poesia and cruising through Spain, Portugal and London before ending in the historical city of Kiel in Germany. If this type of cruising makes you happy enjoy our 12 night magnificent meander on-board MSC Magnifica starting in beautiful Venice with calls in Tunis, Gibraltar, Lisbon, Zeebrugge and Copenhagen before ending in Germany.

Enjoy our Grand Mediterranean cruises and receive a FREE transfer from one beautiful ship to another. enjoy the thought of combining cruises either back to back or a one way with a round trip, don’t forget to ask about MSC’s back to back discount saving $100 per person off your combined cruise price. *Conditions apply. MSC Cruises, 2012 itineraries are a world of amazing cruise choices, sensational ports of call and the best value for money. Contact MSC Cruises on 1300 028 502 or visit and enjoy a combination of a lifetime.

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