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Discover a better way to explore Europe

Albatross Tours

Imagine leisurely stays in beautiful hotels, strolling peacefully through local European streets, exploring wonders that are as fascinating as they are visually stunning…

You might think any guided holiday can offer you an enchanting experience in Europe, but the truth is that some tour providers bring the magic of this continent to life more so than others.

At Albatross Tours, we’re not shy about claiming to be one of the operators that goes above and beyond. Discover why touring with us is a particularly memorable experience…

Stay Longer, Experience More

We’re not sure why 1-night stays ever became the norm with some other tour operators, but that’s a path we never want to go down. Why? Because having to repack your things every morning is a big hassle! More importantly, though: when you only have a brief stop in each city, you end up with more travel time and less wonder time.

At Albatross Tours, we champion the idea of longer stays. Our itineraries commonly feature stopovers of 2, 3 and 4 nights – some tours even include up to 7 nights in a particularly sensational destination.

Holidays Made for Aussies and New Zealanders

Our tours are designed to satisfy and delight travellers from Australia and New Zealand. We know you’re not travelling all the way to the other side of the world for some generic, rushed tour. With Albatross, you can enjoy:

  • A laidback pace
  • Travelling with likeminded companions
  • Experiences and sites chosen for Australian visitors
  • No stress about any tipping (we cover this for you).

Less Crowded, More Comfortable

Our summer tours of Europe are capped at 28 and usually consist of around 22 people, making them much smaller than groups you may have travelled with in the past. This comfortably small size means less time wasted and – overall – a much more personal experience. Compact groups also enable us to access unique, character accommodation, while larger groups are often stuck with the standard commercial hotels.

We also offer a departure guarantee for any tour with at least 10 guests, which means you can book with confidence.

Inclusive Really Means Inclusive with Albatross

Are you budgeting for all the ‘optional extras’ you’ve found yourself paying for on previous tours? There’s no need to do so with Albatross. If it’s on the itinerary, it won’t cost you a thing. From feature dinners to scheduled attractions, everything we include on your holiday really is included in the upfront price – so you can forget about hidden expenses.

Creating remarkable memories that last a lifetime

With our unique touring style, we don’t just touch on countries, we explore them. When we design our tours we look at each region and consider what can be done and should be done. And since our style of touring is easier and more enjoyable with longer stopovers, this allows you to experience a variety of exciting excursions and activities including:

  • Cruising the picturesque Calanques in the south of France
  • Staying overnight in the world’s loveliest castle, Leeds Castle
  • Travelling along the Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway, considered to be ‘the most beautiful coastal drive in the world!’
  • Standing on top of Mount Etna, Europe’s highest active volcano
  • Gliding through the waterways of the Spree Forest, a UNESCO listed biosphere in Germany

Exciting new 2019 European Tours

Are you planning on travelling to Europe in 2019? We have just released our stunning new 2019 Europe & UK Small Group Touring brochure featuring 15 unique touring programmes including Italy, Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica, France, Scandinavia, Spain, Croatia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Britain, Ireland and the Czech Republic.

To order your FREE copy of our European tour brochures click here or call Albatross Tours on 1300 135 015.


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