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India Tourism Sydney
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With over a decade of travel experience, India Tourism Sydney’s staff can help you explore India from the northern Himalayas to the southern oceans, from the western deserts to the north western rainforest and much, much more!
So why not pop in to India Tourism Sydney and get some great advice on how to plan the perfect itinerary or where to go for an amazing Indian adventure!

Retirees are now embarking on sojourns to India to enjoy India’s bounteous heritage includes not just breathtakingly beautiful architecture, rich traditions and diverse cultures but also mesmerising and scenic landscapes. Retiree travel in India is increasing. From the challenging snow-clad peaks of the Himalayas and the cool hill stations of the north, to the alluring beaches on the western and eastern coasts and the ornate temples of the south, India has the variety to satiate the interests of all those travelling through the country. In fact so popular is the country as a global tourist hot spot that the ‘Conde Nast Traveler’, one of the ace travel magazines, profiled India as the most preferred tourist destination in recent times.

It is true then, that tourism is an important and flourishing industry in the country. It accounts for one-third of the foreign exchange earnings of India and also gainfully employs the easily the highest number of people compared to other sectors. According to the World Tourism Organization, by the year 2020, it is expected that India will become the leader in the tourism industry in South Asia, with about 8.9 million arrivals.

Of late the Indian tourism economy has been deemed as the second-most rapidly increasing (8.8 %) tourism economy in the world, by World Travel and Tourism. Australian Travellers are loving it and it's not just for the faint hearted. Australian seniors and retirees are embracing Indian culture like never before.

More information is available from the friendly Sydney team or Incredible India Website

Indiatourism Sydney
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