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Opinion: Coriander – Love or Hate it?


It’s divided families, caused arguments at the dinner table and in the kitchens across the country. Coriander, you either love it or hate it, no one is ambivalent.

As one of the most controversial herbs on the planet, Coriander has come under much scrutiny over the past few years. Firstly, a large genetic testing company declared it was genetic, that those with a genetic variation could taste soap and disliked coriander.

“Cilantro’s aromatic qualities primarily depend on a group of compounds known as aldehydes,” states the report. “One type of aldehyde has been described as being ‘fruity’ and ‘green’ and another type as being ‘soapy’ and ‘pungent’. One of the eight genes near the SNP we identified codes for a receptor called OR6A2, which is known to detect aldehydes such as those found in cilantro.”

So basically if you have the pesky receptor you are likely to taste the soap and not enjoy eating coriander, case closed.  Not so soon….

There are other variables that can come into whether all our war breaks around the dinner table and this is to do with ethnographic. Another study has found that if your family isn’t in to eating the leafy green regularly then you most likely not going to be into chowing down on it either.

So my conclusion is – stay calm and eat coriander, you might just learn to like it.


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