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Are you completely secure when you are travelling?

Keeping your belongings safe and secure when you travel is surely one of the top priorities of any traveller. Travel is a dream for many people, but that dream can swiftly become a nightmare if you do not take the necessary precautions.

Every week, an average of 19 Australians suffer theft or robbery while travelling abroad. These are shocking figures indeed, and highlight the need for good quality, secure travel bags. Thieves are also getting sneakier and more technologically advanced. It is estimated that Australians aged 15 and above lost $1.4bn collectively due to identity fraud in 2010 and 2011, many of whom suffered card scanning scams or other form of data theft while on holiday.

While the danger is real, it can still be countered. By taking the necessary precautions, you greatly decrease this risk and ensure a happy, safe and secure trip for you and your family or friends.

It helps to be prepared when you travel, but it is important to be sensible when packing. Cameras and other expensive equipment might be necessary when you are travelling, but expensive jewellery and items with a high personal value certainly are not. If you have to bring an expensive piece of equipment with you, like a tablet or a camera, keep it in your hand luggage and make sure it is properly secured.

There are plenty of bags on the market which are specifically designed to prevent theft. Opt for bags with reinforced shoulder straps to make
life difficult for any would-be bag snatchers attempting to cut the bag from your shoulder.

It is also worth getting a bag with lockable zip tags to add an extra layer of security. Remember that pickpockets are opportunists, and they will always go for the easiest target. Don’t become that target. Light-weight canvas bags can be easily cut open by thieves. To prevent this, you need a reinforced slash proof security bag, fitted with steel mesh panels which will repel a blade. These mesh panels provide an extra level of security by making it difficult for would be bag slashers to get their hands on your belongings.

Identity theft is a serious problem and one that is only increasing. Just because all of your belongings are with you does not mean that a theft has not taken place. To prevent card scanning, electronic ID theft and other crimes that have advanced along with technology, you need RFID blocking equipment.

Passports are a major target for tech-savvy criminals, so it is worth investing in an RFID blocking travel wallet to keep your identity and data secure.


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  • Also and not only . . . . be very aware of what is going on around you – Children have been known to come up and talk to you and take all your attention away from what is happening around you, these kids are sometimes just just working in a team situation and an older brother is maybe looking through your rucksack or picking your pockets while you are distracted, If children run up and try and have a conversation and try and make you stop walking just keep moving and look around and BE ALERT!