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Avoid the Christmas clutter

It’s that time of the year … where our houses become more cluttered than ever! The silly season should be renamed the messy season. Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, filled with friends, family, food and – clutter. With gifts galore, wrapping paper, decorations and more, your house can begin to feel a lot more hectic than it does merry. How can we avoid the Christmas clutter and enjoy the holidays?

Jo Carmichael, decluttering specialist from All Sorted Out, has perfected the art of tidying. She is here to give some easy to follow steps to avoiding Christmas clutter.

1. Dedicate an area

Choose a room and go wild. This is your Christmas area, to be used as storage for food and gifts in the lead up to the big day. On Christmas Day or Boxing Day, encourage guests to store their extra stuff in this room – keeping the rest of your house safe from holiday madness!

2. Have a bin ready to go

On the big day, have a bin in the area where your gifts will be unwrapped. Encourage guests to throw their paper away as soon as they unwrap their gift. This helps keep your space tidy and avoids the post-gift-opening craziness.

3. Get organised

As extra guests descend on your house for Christmas, it is important to have your space prepared in advance. Have a pre-Christmas declutter. Otherwise, this season will simply add mess on top of mess.

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