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A place for change Dunlea Centre, Australia’s Original Boys’ Town, is a residential, family preservation agency. The therapeutic work is focused upon troubled young people and their families who are in crisis and at risk of family breakdown. Through a holistic, wrap around model of service delivery, the Dunlea Centre is able to support and assist families in healing broken bonds and building stronger familial ties.

The program provides a nurturing, individualised learning program, enabling young people to maintain their school education at their own pace and ability. Concurrently, the program provides young people with invaluable life skills including camps and sporting activities. Other activities include development through counselling, anger management, conflict resolution, hospitality, personal hygiene and health awareness. This individualised approach provides the foundation from which young people can commence making positive modifications in their lives.

Dunlea Centre relies on the generosity of the community for funding and maintaining its programs. The support which fund these programs make a distinct difference in helping to address the emotional difficulties that many families endure. Your support is a valuable way to give back to the community and help families and young people who are struggling to embrace a better future.

Please support Dunlea Centre  by making a contribution to the programs that help troubled young people and their families. Help give these young people and their families an opportunity to make positive changes and build brighter futures.

“Dunlea Centre saved our family! We were hitting dead ends everywhere and had nowhere else to turn. We were told about the program and have been so happy with how it turned out. It got to a stage where our child was not listening to us or anybody. He needed someone else to guide him and he listened to the staff at Dunlea Centre and now he is on the right path. We used to not be able to talk to each other and now he asks us to sit down and talk and he wants to have dinner with the family. It’s the best thing that has ever happened to him. I would recommend it to anybody.”


dunlea logoFor more information about Dunlea Centre please call (02) 8508 3900 or visit

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