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What Difference Does 57 Years Make?

It might only go run four-and-a-half minutes, but this video of a young boy and an older man asking each other life questions and giving advice is going to make you cry.

In a YouTube video posted by Irish-based viral video company Facts, a seven-year-old boy and a man 57 years his senior sit down with a few basic questions for each other – the answers to which are simple but highly emotive.

“What is the worst thing about being young?”

“What is the worst thing about being old?”

“Do you wish you were young?”

The video, with its simply-presented binary perspectives, has received more than 100,000 views since it was posted last week.

Towards the end, the pair swap advice, which includes “singing like Ed Sheeran”… see the video to find out how that fits.


“Don’t be silly. Don’t bully lots of people. … My friend Alex in school, whenever he gets hurt, I hug him.”

“A lot of the time you in your head, with memories. You can remember all the good things, and that’s the important thing.”

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