Top 10 Markets in Amsterdam for Shopping


No city can be so much pure, clean and natural even after supporting a number of industries and high-end technology down the line, as much Amsterdam is. With ample boating and other natural activities the place is one of the popular tourist spots of all times. Amsterdam prides of being one of the biggest European markets with a huge fleet of individual shops, malls and flea markets writes Tom Clark.

Planning for a shopping spree in Amsterdam? Here is a list of some of the best things to do in Amsterdam-

1. Bloemenmarkt

Want to gift flowers to your beloved? Why not take her instead to a market of flowers! Bloemenmarkt is the world’s only floating flower market with a number of garden shops, flower boutiques, souvenir shops and a lot more. Experience your flower love, with a difference, at this market.

2. Albert Cuyp Market

Ask any local of Amsterdam for a best shopping place in the city and you will hear the name of Albert Cuyp Market. Named after a 17th century artist Albert Cuyp, this street market is one of the major tourist attractions in Amsterdam with a century old existence. From groceries to antiques, from clothing to accessories and vegetables; everything is available at this place. Also it is known for its wide range of restaurants and bars.

3. De Looier Arts and Antiques

One of the oldest indoor antiques’ markets, De Looier is popular among the people as a one stop solution for home wares, artistic things, porcelain and glass materials, ceramics, unique furniture, trinkets, souvenirs and many more. There are more than 70 shops within the market selling antiques and local items of the city.

4. Wini Vintage

Are you a fan of bygone European fashion? Visit Wini Vintage and shop to your fill with the classic prints, colourful bohemian printed tees, and Dutch lining. Everything from woollens to light summer clothes, hats, shoes, accessories all are available over there.

5. Noordermarkt

One of the best places for dining and sightseeing, Noordermarkt is located in Jordaan district of Amsterdam. A distinguished farmers’ market, this place sells farm-fresh vegetables, dairy products, along with a fresh and healthy breakfast at the restaurants. Eatables are the dominant factor of this place, be it raw or cooked, packed or farm-fresh.

6. Waterlooplein flea market

Looking for hand downs in a good condition? Waterlooplein flea market is one of the biggest open markets in Amsterdam selling second-hand clothing and linens. Also one can find a fleet of shops selling first hand clothes and other things, antiques and house wares.

7. IJ Hallen

Biggest indoor flea market in Amsterdam, IJ Hallen is a monthly market selling all necessary materials- household, souvenirs, carpets, cushions, clothes, woollens, toys, tools and many more. Often there are discounts and sales and a great shopping atmosphere that can be rarely seen anywhere else.

8. Art Plein Spui Market

Want to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon? Head over to this art market and enjoy watching exquisite canvas, paintings, antique stores, rare artistic materials, along with soft, pleasant music playing in background. Find fabulous neckpieces, intricately designed jewellery, and gift items over there.

9. Boekenmarkt

Surprise for all the book lovers, there is a whole market dedicated only for books. From simple light-hearted comic strips, to novels, from journals to simple magazines; this place fulfils the desire and hobby of reading of the people over there. Almost every English writer’s books, picture books and a lot more are available over there. Apart from that, Dutch and other foreign language books are available over there.

10. Dappermarkt

One of the oldest and populated markets in Amsterdam, this market has been rated by The National Geographic Magazine as one of the best places to shop in Europe. Surrounded by streets and residences, this market gives a comely and lively feel for shopping. From fresh vegetables, groceries, clothingFree Web Content, home wares to dairy products all that is needed in daily life is available over there. Also the place is famous for its range of restaurants and cafes serving Turkish and Dutch breakfast.



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