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Podcast: Dating tips for over 50’s

dating tips

For those who find themselves in the world of dating over 50 things can get a little daunting. With Tinder, apps, open relationships and dealing with those just looking for a bit of fun it can all get a bit much. Is it true men over 50 only want to date younger women? Maybe or maybe


Regular sex benefits your mental health


Everyone has probably heard about the physical benefits of having sex (it helps the immune system, lowers blood pressure, burns calories). But are you aware of the long list of psychological benefits? Ryan Anderson, and David Mitchell, James Cook University reveal just how good it is for our mental health.


Condom awareness lacking among older Australians


The rates of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among older Australians are rising because their knowledge on condom use is lacking, according to a new study.


Video: Love has no labels…pass the tissues please…

Love has no labels

In a time when there is so much turmoil in the world, this “love has no labels” NFL kiss cam video gives us the chance to sit back and reflect on what is most important to us and remind ourselves – there is an abundance of love in this world.


The science behind love songs

love songs

There’s nothing like a love song to get your heart racing, right? To mark Valentine’s Day we look at five love songs and ask University of Melbourne scientists for the truth behind them. Why have we evolved ‘love’, why is it so important to humans, and why give red roses? Mr John Rayner, Professor Mark Elgar


The art of giving this Valentines Day

Valentine's Day

Be a sweetheart this Valentine’s Day and learn the art of giving according to the experts at Prezzee.


Overcoming an affair


Infidelity is everywhere we look and before marriage most people say a cheating partner is a deal breaker. However, many couples later realise that relationships damaged by infidelity can recover. Turn on the TV, scroll through a celebrity gossip site or analyse the latest divorce statistics and it may seem like infidelity is now more


Older people still have sex, but it’s the intimacy and affection that matters more


Sexuality encompasses sex, gender identities and roles, sexual orientation, eroticism, pleasure, intimacy and reproduction and what we think, feel and believe about them. It has been a research focus for over a hundred years, and highlighted as an important part of the human experience. Since the first studies on human sexuality in the 1940s, research


What’s the point of sex? It’s good for your physical, social and mental health


The act of penetrative sex has evolved over millions of years as a mechanism to deliver sperm to eggs and initiate pregnancy. But there’s more to sex than just the meeting of two sets of genes. The ‘What’s the point of sex?’ series examines biological, physical and social aspects of sex and gender writes Fiona Kate


Sex and the prostate

Prostate Health

Every man has a prostate, yet few men have much knowledge about how sex and the prostate can help with men’s health. It relates to sexual function, pleasure and it’s just part of healthy sex life reports our resident sex therapist and relationship counsellor, Matty Silver.  She rids the bedroom of the taboo subject of prostate pleasure.