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Advertising Specifications

Digital Advertising

Website Advertising Specs

Web Specs

Specifications for website advertisements including leaderboards, sideboard and background wings.

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Website Sponsored Content Specs

Sponsored Content Specs

Specifications for website sponsored content to be featured on AMSJ online.

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Solus EDM Specs

EDM Specs

Specifications for Solus EDM (Electronic Direct Mail) to be distributed to the AMSJ subscribers.

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E-Newsletter Specs

Enews Specs

Specifications for E-Newsletter banner advertisements and sponsored content.

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Print Advertising

Print Magazine Specs

Print Specs

Specifications for print magazine advertisements including double and full page spreads.

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Artwork Creation

Artwork Specs

We can create your website and print advertisements using your own company logo, photos, wording and contact information.

Our gifted ‘content team’ can also create your story through highly engaging and evocative content targeted to our audience.