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Beer, bongs and baby boomers: the unlikely tale of drug and alcohol use in the over 50s

baby boomers

If you ask someone what a typical heavy drinker or drug user looks like, they’re probably more likely to evoke images of Gen Ys with tattoos and piercings than greying baby boomers.


Man flu is real, but women get more autoimmune diseases and allergies

man flu

Research suggests this has an evolutionary basis: survival of the species may mean men are harder hit by viruses, but a woman’s reactive immune system leaves her more susceptible to autoimmune diseases and allergies.


US study revives mammogram debate


Yearly mammograms starting at age 40 would prevent the most deaths from breast cancer, US researchers report in a challenge to more conservative recommendations that take into account both the harms and the benefits of screening.


Asthma warning after hospitalisation spike, over 55’s at highest risk


Four hundred Australians are dying and up to 40 000 more are hospitalised each year due to asthma, says the National Asthma Council Australia.


Heart attacks decades in the making but never too late to get healthy

heart attack

Heart attacks could be decades in the making, with a new study linking high blood pressure in obese children to a stiffening of their arteries later in life.


Beating the germs this winter

Last year the number of flu cases in Australia was up by over 50 per cent, causing many to claim this winter will be our worst flu season ever. However, ‘cold and flu season’ is actually a myth, as the virus lives through every season, whether it may be summer, autumn, winter, or spring.


Surviving menopause with some (self) kindness


Practising self-compassion can help manage menopausal symptoms, writes Dr Lydia Brown. A cooling dash to the fridge is a common coping tactic for the 80 per cent or so of mid-life women who experience menopausal hot flushes. Hot flushes can have a big impact on daily life, especially on sleep, work and mood. But my


Report warns of heart failure epidemic

heart failure epidemic

The health system faces a tsunami of heart failure patients unless dramatic measures are taken to ensure Australians become healthier, a leading cardiac researcher warns.


Bowel screening could save 83,000 lives

bowel screening

More than 80,000 lives would be saved by 2040 if participation in the national bowel cancer screening program increased by 20 per cent, modelling estimates.


Medical cannabis – can Australia be a world leader?

medical cannabis

Health professionals and experts will gather in Melbourne to discuss medical cannabis as the industry moves to position Australia as a world leader in its production.