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5 tips for a healthy trip

healthy trip

If you’re going on holidays then don’t let problems such as a bloated tummy or an upset digestive system spoil your fun. Integrative medical doctor Dr Cris Beer shares her tips on how to have a happy, relaxing and healthy trip.


Five reasons you should be drinking turmeric for your health today


Turmeric is becoming one of the most popular superfoods amongst Australians. Previously only used as a golden spice in curries, now turmeric has been found to have incredible health benefits. Its main active ingredient is “curcumin” – which has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects for the brain and body. Erin Young, health writer & founder


Is breakfast protein the secret to weight loss? CSIRO reports

Eating more protein, especially at breakfast, could be the key to achieving healthy weight loss, according to a new report released today by CSIRO.


How an overseas trip can change the bacteria in your tummy


Your gut contains around 500 different types of bacteria, which work to help keep you healthy. However, travel, while exciting, can cause an imbalance in this bacteria leading to dreaded tummy troubles on the road. Integrative medical expert Dr Cris Beer explains how to avoid this and keep healthy while you’re on holiday.


Is apple cider vinegar really a wonder food?

apple cider vinegar

Folk medicine has favoured apple cider vinegar for centuries and many claims are made for its supposed benefits.


How to make sure to get the (good) fats your body needs

omega 3

Many of us think that ‘fat’, is a dirty word. But, as healthcare professional Gerald Quigley explains, fat is an essential part of our diet, with many health benefits. He explains how to incorporate it into your lifestyle.


Why you need Omega 3 for disease prevention

omega 3

Healthcare professional Gerald Quigley explains why Omega 3s are so important for good health.


Survey shows Aussies inspired to get healthy, but life gets in the way

healthy eating

A revealing new survey from LiveLighter has painted a stark picture of the health of Australian adults – we’re heavier than we think, we’re too busy to cook, healthy eating is difficult to achieve, we’re still not eating enough veggies and some of us do no exercise at all, but there is a positive as well.


5 tips to eating more mindfully

mindful eating

Mindfulness is no longer this hippy mystical concept. There are books, websites, “influencers” and apps all promoting the practice as a potential antidote to many modern-day craziness and issues. Sharon Thurin, Founder and CEO of Slim Secrets, shares her top 5 tips for eating more mindfully and this can help us in our everyday life.


Healthy Ageing is on the Breakfast Menu for Australia

healthy ageing

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, kick starting your metabolism, improving overall concentration and helping Australian’s age healthily.