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How to make sure to get the (good) fats your body needs

omega 3

Many of us think that ‘fat’, is a dirty word. But, as healthcare professional Gerald Quigley explains, fat is an essential part of our diet, with many health benefits. He explains how to incorporate it into your lifestyle.


Why you need Omega 3 for disease prevention

omega 3

Healthcare professional Gerald Quigley explains why Omega 3s are so important for good health.


Survey shows Aussies inspired to get healthy, but life gets in the way

healthy eating

A revealing new survey from LiveLighter has painted a stark picture of the health of Australian adults – we’re heavier than we think, we’re too busy to cook, healthy eating is difficult to achieve, we’re still not eating enough veggies and some of us do no exercise at all, but there is a positive as well.


5 tips to eating more mindfully

mindful eating

Mindfulness is no longer this hippy mystical concept. There are books, websites, “influencers” and apps all promoting the practice as a potential antidote to many modern-day craziness and issues. Sharon Thurin, Founder and CEO of Slim Secrets, shares her top 5 tips for eating more mindfully and this can help us in our everyday life.


Healthy Ageing is on the Breakfast Menu for Australia

healthy ageing

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, kick starting your metabolism, improving overall concentration and helping Australian’s age healthily.


Health Check: what’s better for you, fresh, dried or frozen fruit?

fruit and vegetables

The recommendation “eat more fruit and vegetables” is one of the most common we hear when we’re encouraged to eat healthily. But when it comes to eating more fruit, we get mixed messages about how healthy fruit really is. Duane Mellor, Ekavi Georgousopoulou,  Nenad Naumovski and Senaka Ranadheera investigate.


Health Check: should I replace sugar with artificial sweeteners?

artificial sweetners

We know Australians are consuming too much sugar. The latest results from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show 52% of the population are consuming more than is recommended, and this is affecting weight and dental health.


Reverse ageing with these 4 gut-healing tricks

reverse ageing

As the old saying goes, you are what you eat and as scientist have discovered, foods packed full of good probiotics like yoghurt can do more than just keeping your digestion running smoothly. These healthy bacteria can actually play a part if keeping all kinds of other health issues in check, and even more importantly,


‘Fat switch’ may hold key to weight loss, study shows


Obese people aren’t able to regulate the way body fat is stored or burned because a “switch” in their brain stays on all the time, a new study has shown.


Wine most days ‘protects against diabetes’

drinking wine

Drinking alcohol three or four days a week can reduce the chance of developing diabetes, compared with abstaining, a Danish study has found.