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Health Check: should I replace sugar with artificial sweeteners?

artificial sweetners

We know Australians are consuming too much sugar. The latest results from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show 52% of the population are consuming more than is recommended, and this is affecting weight and dental health.


Reverse ageing with these 4 gut-healing tricks

reverse ageing

As the old saying goes, you are what you eat and as scientist have discovered, foods packed full of good probiotics like yoghurt can do more than just keeping your digestion running smoothly. These healthy bacteria can actually play a part if keeping all kinds of other health issues in check, and even more importantly,


‘Fat switch’ may hold key to weight loss, study shows


Obese people aren’t able to regulate the way body fat is stored or burned because a “switch” in their brain stays on all the time, a new study has shown.


Wine most days ‘protects against diabetes’

drinking wine

Drinking alcohol three or four days a week can reduce the chance of developing diabetes, compared with abstaining, a Danish study has found.


Keep the winter weight away with Pears – choc & pear smoothie recipe

pear recipe

Eating a pear a day could be a delicious secret to winding back the winter kilo creep and hitting the ground running this spring.


A2 milk : What you need to know

A2 milk

Milk is a popular dietary staple in many western countries. Sources of milk and milk products include cows, sheep, camels, goats, and others. Alternative sources that do not involve animals include soy, coconut , almond , flax, rice, and hemp.


Added sugar label needed for packaged foods: health expert

added sugar

New analysis has found 70 per cent of packaged foods sold on Australian supermarket shelves contain added sugar not identified on the product label.


Breaking down the science around grazing vs fasting

grazing vs fasting

For years we have been told that weight loss is simply about calories in vs calories out and eating more frequent meals. Nutritional Medicine Practitioner, Fiona Kane believes this has driven more obesity, more eating disorders and messed up many people’s relationship to food and their bodies.


Pop on the kettle to prevent diseases

cup of tea

There is now even more reason to enjoy a cup of tea with a new review of existing research showing the humble cuppa can help prevent diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes.


Artificial sweeteners linked to risk of weight gain, study shows

artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners may be associated with long-term weight gain and increased risk of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease, according to a new study published in Canadian Medical Association Journal.