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Are You a Grumpy Old Man?

grumpy old man

Healthy Ageing expert Mark Mckeon explores the phenomenon of Grumpy Old Man Syndrome. What causes it, how you can stop being grumpy and improve your quality of life…Are you guilty of being a grumpy old man? 


80% of retirees will be stuffed, not just women!


According to new research, most women will be stuffed in retirement because superannuation sells them short. The bad news is that it is not just women, it’s men too, writes Gary Stone.


Preparing for a Galapagos cruise


For nature lovers heading off on a once-in-a-lifetime Galapagos cruise, knowing some things ahead of time will only serve to enrich the experience. Marissa Ellis-Snow has all the tips to preparing for your Galapagos adventure.


“We’re going to Bonnie Doon!”: The Castle movie iconic holiday home on Airbnb

The Castle

It’s one of Australia’s most iconic films, and now The Kerrigan’s Bonnie Doon holiday house from the 1997 movie, The Castle, is available to book through Airbnb.


Love through end of life by Andrew Denton

end of life

Supporting those we love through end of life is not easy. There is no simple answer to how best to do it. What we can do, however, is to try and ensure they are not suffering unnecessarily, and as Andrew Denton explains, the single most important issue here is for them to have the comfort


Handsome silver foxes to make you weak at the knees

handsome silver foxes

Some men are like wine, they get better with age. Check out these handsome silver foxes who are certainly defying the Hollywood standard of “younger is better”. We love these guys!


Are these Australia’s happiest cows?

happiest cows

Dairies are usually noisy places. The farmer yells and whistles to get the herd moving, as dogs bark to round up the stragglers. The cows protest, stomping and moo-ing, jostling against railings while the machinery clanks into position. But the University of Melbourne’s robotic dairy in rural Victoria is calm and quiet. No yelling. No


Pop on the kettle to prevent diseases

cup of tea

There is now even more reason to enjoy a cup of tea with a new review of existing research showing the humble cuppa can help prevent diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes.


Washington DC Dupont Circle: A view from the top

  Every city has its elite neighbourhoods and Washington DC ’s historic Dupont Circle stands out as a beacon in that nation’s capital. Roderick Eime walks the hallowed streets.


Superannuation statistics made simple

Superannuation is the critical savings that underwrites Australian retirements and provides a $2.3 trillion investment bank for infrastructure and other nation-building assets.