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Women’s Health Week, Day One: What is Confidence?

September 1 marks the start of Women’s Health Week, a nationwide five-day event dedicated to the good health of all women across Australia.

This year’s theme is Confidence – Learn, Think, Do. It’s about recognising confidence, realising what role it plays in your life, and knowing why it’s important.

The WHW website highlights that experiencing low levels of confidence is normal at different times of your life, even though sometimes it’s hard to work out why. That said, it’s important to understand what affects your confidence, given that if it’s an ongoing experience it may be affecting your physical or emotional health, your relationships, and your professional life.

For Day One of WHW, women are encouraged to think about their own level of confidence, the decisions they’re making that might be impacting on it, and to take action if you feel your life has room for a little more. As the website points out, “not believing in yourself can make it hard to make decisions … when you feel confident, you tend to make better decisions about healthier foods to eat, getting out ad about and being active, and generally taking care of yourself”.

For more information or to take a self assessment questionnaire, visit the Women’s Health Week website. If you’re in Melbourne, you can join WHW celebrations at Federation Square today – there are activities, show bags, healthy treats and fun for all the family.

The Retiree Magazine will keep you up to date each day this week with WHW’s daily endeavours, so you check in with the website or visit our Facebook page.




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